Friday, 25 January 2013

Walking through a postcard

Snow was forecast, but we awoke to a grey but clear sky. Disappointed the girls headed off to school, the dog and I went for our morning play in the field. Then the snow started to fall! It got heavier...and heavier. By the time we got home everything was white...the dog had a ball trying to catch all the snowflakes.

School now cancelled for the day...had to hit the road and 'rescue' the girls from school. Roads had become treacherous but beautiful. Local radio was now all about accidents, road and school closures.


The patio table and ruler method of measuring snowfall was mentioned...I had no idea what this meant...until I arrived home to a patio table covered with a white cushion of snow... I grabbed a ruler..nearly I get it!!!

Snowfall 10cm

Our street became a playground, snowball fights and sled rides...the neighbours thought we were mad! One lovely neighbour ventured take photos of us crazy Aussies playing in the snow!

The dog loved catching snowballs!

We tried to build a snowman but the snow was like sand and wouldn't we ended up with a snow blob!

Snow Blob

Our walk to the field became a magical walk to a white wonderland.

Snowy tunnel

Was so excited to spot a Robin on the snow covered branches!


Our field was covered in white, so serene and beautiful.

Winter White

Until we started a snowball extravaganza, all serenity gone as we ducked and dived, aimed and threw, laughed and played.

We giggled, loved walking in the snow, tried to catch snowflakes on our tongues, stopped to make a few snow angels and went for a walk in the village.

Winter Snow

The village looked like it was coated in icing sugar, so beautiful!


Simple things taking on magical qualities. We may have stopped at that pub for a warming ale!

Snow covered Church

Really was like walking in a postcard, made my heart sing, happy days.

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  1. Wish that much snow in London! Had couple inches last weekend and it's all gone now. Sophia even did not have a chance to get a ride on the snow! Look forward to the next big snow ;) ellen xx