Thursday, 26 September 2013

Capture the Colour Travel Photography in Five Colours


I have been set the challenge of capturing the colour of my travel experiences in the Travel Supermarket's Capture the Colour second annual travel photography competition by the lovely Fiona from Life on Nanchang Lu. Do yourself a favour and check out her blog, it's all about China. I guarantee you'll be planning a trip there after reading her descriptive posts on travel and street food.

Guizhou, Miao Minority

These Miao minority dancers from the Guizhou province in the south of China were as beautiful and as vibrant as the countryside they live in. They also have all five colours, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White represented in their intricate handmade costumes.
Buckinghamshire Countryside Poppies

Vibrant red poppies tucked in a field of rapeseed in the glorious, fresh countryside of Buckinghamshire, England.
Henley Bluebells

The woods near Henley on Thames came alive in May with seas of bluebells. The fresh air, the scent of bluebells and the spectacle of colour were magnificent.
Yongshou, Giggling Tree

The sensational countryside of Yangshou in the Guangxi Province in the south of China. The vivid green fields surrounded by thousands of karst mountains, breathtaking!
Shanhai Street Food, Pineapples

In the heat of summer, tucked away in the old lanes of Shanghai you will find beautifully carved, fresh pineapple. Delicious, sweet and refreshing after a walk though the old town.

Qibao,Happy Cook

Beautiful cook in the water town of Qibao, taking a break on a hot day and happy to smile for my camera!


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  1. Love them! I thought my favourite was yellow, until I scrolled down to white!

  2. beautiful! My favorite is white!

  3. Thanks, I do love white too, she was such a happy soul!