Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Photo a Day, March 2015, Week Twelve

Here is my Photo a Day collection for week twelve.
The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt!
a long, cold Winter - It is finally Spring!

Photography is me every day hobby and has been for years.
I also love crafts and have been sewing since I was little, have a few quilts on the go!

This is not what I had planned for today. I had planned to head into Frankfurt but had to cancel. 
A violent riot is taking place, cars are burning, people are injured, schools and train lines are closing.
The text on these Stolperteine/Stumbling stones, honouring the memory of the victims
of the Nazi Holocaust are being trampled on.

Private Property, Henly-on-Thame, UK

Hand Drawn
The Girl with the Pearl Earring, on the streets of Venice, 10 August 2014

Sun flare, forest, Frankfurt
Sun flare
Sun flare in my forest.

Leaves, Wiesbaden, Germany
A local park has moulds of the various leaves from trees in the park so children can match them up, 
a lovely way to learn.

Friday, 20 March 2015

Forty Winks Friday - Perth, Western Australia takes a nap!

When I first started snapping Shanghai's nappers, some friend's thought I was a bit weird. 
Friends in Shanghai 'got it'...nappers were everywhere, sleeping in seemingly crazy places.
Friends came to visit us in Shanghai and finally 'got it', joining in, snapping or spotting.
I left Shanghai nearly three years ago, suddenly my 'nappers' on Facebook were no longer added to.

We all have things that remind us of people in our lives. 
When I see tulips, it reminds me of a friend who loves tulips. 
A Guns N Roses song, Sweet Child of Mine immediately reminds me of a friend
A whiff of a certain perfume has me looking around for another 
 friend as it is her 'signature scent'.

What reminds my friends of me? 
Nappers, when my friends see someone having a nap in public, wherever they may 
be in the world they see someone napping and they think of me!
Sometimes they snap the napper and send it to me!
My friend Helen, missed my napper updates from Shanghai. 
I reached into my Napper photo files and Forty Winks Friday was created.
Helen spotted a napper today, she snapped and sent him to me this morning. 

I give you all...Perth Napper...thanks Helen!

Napping over the world!

Sunday, 15 March 2015

My Photo a Day, March 2015 Week Eleven

My Photo a Day, March, Week Eleven.
The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt.
For the first week I have taken each photo of the day, on the day and not used
any of my archive photos, I usually slip in an archive or two. 
Ironic as this is the week I considered giving up on Photo a Day.

We have recently received news that our time in Germany will end sooner than expected and
we have no idea where in the world we will go next. We have a lot to consider and think about! 
I thought I would direct all my energies to soaking up all that Germany and Europe 
has to offer, researching any possibilities that we may need to look into. 
I also need to finish off a few other projects I have on the go.
I enjoy the challenges that Photo a Day gives me and I will continue for the time being!
I hope you enjoy!

Tea time
I like to make quilts, this is my first ever quilt. I also make a cup of tea to help ponder decisions ....of which we have a few big ones to make. Our time in Germany is coming to an unexpected end. 

Love my rose measuring cups, very floral!

Forest, Hofheim, Germany
 Happy Place
My happy place in Germany is my forest. My daily walks make me happy and clear my head.

Cottesloe Beach, Perth Western Australia
My all time favourite Happy Place, Cottesloe Beach, Indian Ocean, Perth Western Australia.
Maybe we will return home to Australia!

Hofheim, Germany
I love the details on the buildings in my town in Germany. The half timbered buildings,
 the detailed woodwork and paintwork. I love the date detail on this building I often walk by, 
built in 1584!

Fruit snack
Not what I had planned...but my daughter  made me a snack....and I loved the colour.

Limburg, Germany
My favourite part of the week is to take my family on an adventure, discovering new villages 
and soak up some history. Today it was Limburg, Germany.

Small change
Small change. When you live somewhere foreign and are new to the language, shop assistants 
often talk too fast for you to understand and there is usually a big queue behind you. 
It is easier to hand over a note and get the change....hence I have a big pile of small change! 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Sunday, 8 March 2015

My Photo a Day, March 2015, Week Ten

My Photo a Day Challenge March, Week Ten. 
The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description 
are my take on the prompt!

1 March 
Ralph the Border Collie
Begins with 'R'
Had to be Ralph, holding a rose...with his Red the rain!
One pink rose was injured to get this shot!

 2 March
Chinese New Year Fireworks, Shanghai
Part of me
...will always want to be back in our apartment in Shanghai!

 3 March
Releasing the doves at a Wedding
Open the door to release the doves.
May their marriage be full of love and happiness!

4 March
Mosaic Fruit Bowl
My handmade fruit bowl!

5 March
Blue Tit, Frankfurt, Germany
Out the window
I woke up this morning and looked out of my bedroom window and this little guy was
hopping all over our chair then pecking on the window, think he was flirting with himself!

6 March
How to remedy a case of homesickness in an upside down Aussie in the opposite 
hemisphere as home. Vegemite of course!

7 March
Forest Germany
These sweet little hand painted pigs live in my forest.
Some sweet person moves them around each day so you have to keep an eye out.
Love playing "Spot the Pigs" on my daily walk.

8 March
Young Robyn
A young 'me' a few years ago. Still having trouble with that fringe!

Friday, 6 March 2015

Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Photo a Day February 2015, Week Nine

My Photo a Day challenge, week Nine
The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt!

23 February
Snow in Hofheim, Germany
Slippery snow and ice on the problem, a little sprinkle of salt will fix that.
Enjoying a snowy day in Frankfurt.

24 February
Snow in Hofheim, Germany
12 O'Clock
Well...12.05, walking to the shleter at the train station in the snow.
Feels wierd to be in snow when friends in Perth are sweltering in 41C!

25 February
Canals of Utrecht, The Netherlands
The canals of Utrecht, The Netherlands.

26 February
Books, knowledge
To learn, gain knowledge, to travel is to grow.

Books, knowledge
The actual titles :)

27 February
Chinese Tea
Still Life
Chinese Tea

28 February
Spring blooming in the Forest, Germany
Thank You
This morning, the sun came out, the frost melted and the clouds disappeared. 
First blue sky after weeks of grey clouds is so uplifting, especially with the first signs 
of spring in the forest. Thank You for the blue sky and spring blooms Mother Nature!

1 March
Ralph the Border Collie
Starts with R
Had to be Ralph, holding a rose...with his red the rain!