Friday, 15 July 2016

Flashback Friday, Moments in time, 15 July 2013, A day in London.

15 July 2013
We were well and truly settled into life in the United Kingdom. 
Life in our little village was easy and we were only a quick train ride from London. 
An Aussie friend I met in Shanghai was coming to England to visit family, 
did I have time to pop into London for a catch up? Did I ever! 
Love London, one of my favourite cities, any excuse to pop into the city!
We wandered around Covent Garden and the markets, drooled over some 
delicious food...nothing says summer in London like strawberries and cream! 
Well...maybe a Pimms, but was a little early for that!

Strawberries, Covent Garden, London, UK

We walked to Harrods and chose a few goodies from the amazing food court for lunch.

Harrod's Food Hall, London, England

We walked to Hyde Park, soaking up all London has to offer on the way.
Who doesn't love a Vintage Red London Bus?

London Bus, London

Watched some local kids having horse riding lessons in Hyde Park, 
what an opportunity for them!

Horse riding, Hyde Park London, England

Perfect place to spend a warm Summer day and catch up with a friend.

White Swans, Hyde Park London, England

We parked ourselves on some deck chairs, ate our Harrods Take Away and shared 
a few glasses of bubbles...sadly out of plastic cups, not crystal flutes!

Harrod's Champagne, Hyde Park, London, England

A great day reminiscing about Shanghai adventures and creating new memories,
 in one of our world's most amazing cities on a gorgeous Summer day.

Deck Chairs, Hyde Park, London, England

Hyde Park, London, England

Hyde Park, London, England


  1. Too early for Pimms...!? Never! That picnic idea sounds brilliant, what a lovely way to enjoy some of the luxury of London as well as the great outdoors. Looks like you were lucky with the weather, too!

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  3. This is the closest blog post I've read to ever come semi-close to experiencing London! Thank you for the lovely pictures. It looks charming.

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