Friday, 29 November 2013

Forty Winks Friday, Perilously perching.

I can understand the napping on tricycle trays, stretching out on park benches even balancing on scooters but it never ceases to amaze me how some Nappers can get their 40 Winks, balancing in the most precarious positions on whatever is handy at the time.

Have a small kids stool and a few rolls of fabric to lean on,
he actually looks quite comfy!

Rickety stool and a door jam, perfect for a quick nap.

Lump of's all you need.

A sack of food is comfort enough.

This lady makes a concrete step and wall look cosy.

A footpath and a chair is perfect for this guy.

Have empty paint pot...can nap!

Nothing like the sun on your back to make you drowsy.

Who says you have to lie down on a park bench for a quick nap?

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Neroberg Water Train, Wiesbaden, Germany

My husband has been working in Germany for the last three months. This came rather unexpectedly after our return from our Summer holiday in Shanghai. My girls and I were fortunate to spend the half term holiday in the gorgeous city of Wiesbaden near Frankfurt, to spend some time with my husband and to see a little of Germany.

We had heard about the Neroberg Water Train from some work colleagues and were lucky enough to scrape in on the last day before it closed for the Winter. The train has been taking people up Neroberg mountain since 1888. It is run by water, the downhill carriage is filled with 7000 litres of water which pulls the second carriage uphill via a thick steel cable. When the downhill carriage arrives at the bottom, it releases the water which is them pumped back up hill, very clever! It runs every 15 minutes from April to October.

Water Train

All aboard!

Water Train

The ride up the 245 meter hill was lovely with the dappled sunlight pouring in through the autumn leaves.


The view over Wiesbaden, meaning "meadow baths"was lovely.


We got to the top and went for a walk along the pathways, found a lovely Monopteros in the park.


What an incredible sight! As we wandered down and took in the view, my husband,
already at the viewing wall, told us to just gets better. As I reached the wall the
glorious golden leaves of the vineyard made an appearance, just stunning.

Neroberg Vineyard

After taking in the scenery for a while, picking out familiar buildings from the city we
continued our stroll down the hill.

Russian Orthodox Church

We caught a golden glimpse through the forest which wasn't from the Autumn leaves.

Saint Elizabeth's Russian Orthodox Church

We were presented with the golden domes of St Elizabeth's Church, a Russian Orthodox Church completed in 1855. Built by Duke Adolf of Nassau in honour of his late wife. Princess Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia, who was 19 years old when she died in childbirth.

St Elizabeth's Russian Orthodox Church

We paid €2 each to enter this graceful old building, which was bright, elegant and peaceful.

Such a beautiful way to spend an afternoon as a family, the fun trip up on the water train, 
the exquisite Russian Church set in the beautiful countryside and a delightful stroll through the woods
back to the bottom.

It was a cheap ride up, One way  2.50 for Adults and  1.25 for Children 
 There is a restaurant part way down the hill and a public swimming pool which would be fabulous in the Summer, with the amazing views over Wiesbaden. The Neroberg Water Train will open again in April 2014 and is well worth a visit if you find yourself in the area.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Forty Winks Friday, Nappers in Yangshou Join in

The napping phenomenon is not confined to Shanghai, it spans the whole of the Middle Kingdom. Here is a selection from a trip to the spectacular county of Yangshou.

Robyn's Nappers

Nestled among the green karst mountains are many shady spots to escape the heat for a nap.

Robyn's Nappers

The hustle and bustle of busy streets doesn't disturb this napper.

Robyn's Nappers

An electric fan makes for a more comfortable nap.

Robyn's Nappers

Best way to stay cool, expose that belly!

Robyn's Nappers

Nice to have a privacy curtain of fans to nap behind.

Robyn's Nappers

Not disturbed by the chatting of his friends...

Robyn's Nappers

...and neither are his fellow nappers

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Forty Winks Friday, Traytop catnaps.

I believe that Shanghai would come to a standstill if it wasn't for these guys, girls and their tricycles, they deliver anything from plants to furniture, goldfish to electrical goods. They recycle cardboard, polystyrene boxes and just about anything you could imagine. They are on the road before the city wakes and are still there long after the city has gone to sleep...if anyone deserves a quick forty winks it is the Tricycle guys of Shanghai!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

We will remember them

We will remember them.

The Australian soldier grows not old, the flame still lights his eyes
Although his body lays to rest, his flag forever flies
On the green and gold horizon where the wattles sweep and sway
It flies amongst the gardens and the classrooms of today

Over ocean streams and backyard dreams, above the sunburnt plain
Through harvest yields, on sporting fields, in rainbows after rain
It defines a life worth living and a day that must be won
For every Father's daughter and for every Mother's son

But more than that, the honour claimed in fighting for the free
The pride of the Australian soldier burns in you and me
When the night is dark and dangerous with the rumble of the storm
His courage calls the sunrise and his spirit makes it warm

We will not forget their sacrifice - the strength of their endeavour
For the choices we are gifted with, that flame will burn forever
With a smile that lights the future shining brightly in our scope
We will stand as one, together - we will carry on with hope

Written by

Rupert McCall
for Sunnykids 

Today we honour those servicemen, from Australia and beyond, who have died in the line of duty.

The best things in life are free

Life has been busy, fun, unpredictable, exciting and overwhelming all at once. How lucky am I to have the amazing countryside of Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire on my doorstep to walk the dog and declutter my mind.

Walking path

A short drive from home is the lovely little village of Cuddington. Just off Tibbey's Lane you will find the start of a public walkway that will take you on a circular walk through glorious countryside.

Walking path

Fascinated at what lie beyond the private driveways...

Walking path

The stories these old garden walls could tell!

Walking path

A glimpse into amazing residences, ornate chimneys standing proud.

Walking path

Fresh streams for the dog to paddle in.

Walking path

Lush green fields to amble through.

Walking path

Rich autumn colours illuminate the landscape.

Walking path

Cute thatched cottages dotted along the way make it feel like you are walking through 
a Midsomer Murders set, which indeed you are. The village has been used for shoots and the local pub,
 The Crown has hosted Inspector Barnaby at the bar!

Little wonder that my dog walks usually go for longer than planned and I always feel rejuvenated!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Forty Winks Friday, On guard.

The majority of my nappers were quite easy to snap, they were off in the land of nod and oblivious to my presence. Sometimes though, they had a guard to watch over and I had to be a little more resourceful. Thank goodness for my zoom lens!

Robyn's nappers

This kind man gave his friend the entire bench to spread out.

Robyn's nappers

Don't you just love the matching shirts?

Robyn's nappers of these girls is failing their duty.

Robyn's nappers

Providing a convenient pillow.

Robyn's nappers

Lucky she bought something to read while her lunch date napped.

Robyn's nappers


Robyn's nappers

...and again!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Forty Winks Friday, Just resting my eyes!

My Dad often used to nod off in his recliner in the evening. Though he would never admit to having had a nap, Dad was always just resting his eyes! Here is a selection of some guys on the streets of Shanghai, that are...just resting their eyes!

Robyn's nappers

Hard to resist resting your eyes when you have warm sun on your face and it's a slow day selling antiques.

Robyn's nappers

A busy street doesn't deter this guy from resting his eyes between sips of tea.

Robyn's nappers

These tricycles really are perfect for work and rest.

Robyn's nappers

Extra leg room when you drop the tray at the back!

Robyn's nappers

Busy intersection? No problem! Pull over out of the traffic, 
under a bridge for shade, and rest your eyes for a bit!

Robyn's nappers

Getting comfy with a makeshift foot rest

Robyn's nappers

This guy making use of a handy pole, 
while giving his eyes a quick rest!

Robyn's nappers

Love this guy, he used his workbench as a bed on a very busy street, at a very busy bus stop.
Slept on for ages, oblivious to the hustle around him. Just resting his eyes!