Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Jian Bing...a Chinese street food to remember!

My little family went back to Shanghai for two weeks over the summer holiday. A time to catch up with friends, reacquaint ourselves with the culture, visit favourite places and enjoy our favourite foods. Shanghai captured our hearts and was our home for four wonderful years, was nice to be back.

First stop for food was our favourite Jian Bing lady on Wulumuqi Lu. The Jian Bing, also commonly called the breakfast pancake is one of my favourite street foods and certainly one of the best breakfasts you could ask for. Our lady was happy to see us back in the neighbourhood and remembered the way we each liked our Jian Bing. She quickly set to work as we eagerly waited our turn.

Shanghai Street Food

A thin layer of batter is expertly swirled onto the hot iron griddle, quickly followed by an egg which is spread over the thin, crispy pancake.

Shanghai Street Food

When the egg is cooked, a handful of coriander is sprinkled over.

Shanghai Street Food, Wulumuqi Lu

Followed by some pickle.

Shanghai Street Food

Then some chilli paste is added, if you like... I do!

Shanghai Street Food

The pancake is then swiftly lifted at the edges and folded in half, red bean paste smeared generously over,

Shanghai Street Food

A crunchy rectangle of Youtiao, a deep fried wonton is added, then the whole thing is folded inwards, chopped into two, put into a bag and handed over to be devoured.

Shanghai Street Food

Thin, crisp, hot pancake with crunchy centre absolutely bursting with flavour makes for a delicious breakfast on the go, and for 3.5RMB or about 35p you can't go wrong. They can be found on street corners all over Shanghai...or China for that matter, from around 5.30am until about 11am or until sold out, every morning. Look for the crowds of locals. My favourite vendor is on Wulumuqi Lu near Fuxing Lu, she always has a smile for you and after a year away, still remembers your order!

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