Thursday, 4 February 2016

Love, the joys of repatriation, rediscovering "home"

I love to travel, discover new places, cultures and foods. 
The thrill of arriving in a new city, walking the streets and getting the feel of the place. 
Loved living in Europe, where we could jump in the car and drive to another country for the day.
It was bittersweet, leaving our expat lives behind and returning home to 
Perth, Western Australia a few weeks ago. 
A jumble of emotions and chaos as we packed up our possessions, a collection of our
lives in China, England and Germany all intermingled. 
Nearly eight years all packed in boxes and sent down under.

The repatriation fog is starting to lift. 
The first weeks were a blur of jet lag, couch surfing and unpacking. 
Our list of things to do is getting shorter, the dog is out of quarantine 
and we finally have a car...and internet!

As we settle back into our lives "back home" we look around and realize that, 
even though our city is the most isolated in the world, we won't be popping to another country, or another state for that matter, for lunch or a day really is a pretty special place to be!

A place where dreams are nurtured and come true.
Bicton Baths, Perth, Western Australia

Our lives are supported by friends who have been around for a long time!
Fremantle Traffic Bridge, Fremantle, Western Australia

See that red ship, on the other side of the bridge, our UK car is about to be offloaded after it's journey across the seas, just a few kilometers from home. Pretty cool to see on the school drop off!
Fremantle Traffic Bridge, Fremantle, Western Australia

Fabulous parks to play with the dog, overlooking the Swan River, 
the city of Perth in the background. 
Dog Park, East Fremantle, Western Australia

A place where you park your car according to shade, not distance, 
even the local birds "park" themselves in the shade.
Magpies, East Fremantle, Western Australia

Wonderful walks along the familiar paths of the Swan River, complete with Swans.
Bicton Foreshore, Swan River, Western Australia

Refreshing water to swim in when the sun gets a bit much for those of us 
who have just left a freezing, German winter.
Bicton Foreshore, Swan River, Western Australia

Rediscovering playgrounds of my children's childhood...and of my own.
Sand Bar, Point Walter, Perth, Western Australia

Many happy memories were made here, many more to come.
The jetty, Point Walter, Perth, Western Australia

We feel as though we are visiting, that it will soon be time to say our goodbyes as we head back "home" as we have done for nearly eight years living abroad.
We will forever be homesick for China, England and Germany,
but this is our true home, Perth, Western Australia. 
We are back and we are going to love getting to know you again!
Attadale foreshore, Perth, Western Australia


  1. Very beautiful. One of the things that scares me about moving anywhere is having to rejig the internet! How does one survive the days without it?! XD

    1. Thanks, it is a special spot! Internet is up there with power and water..and sadly takes a little longer to organize. My teenagers prefer to go without oxygen! Perth was "only" two weeks...took a very long eight weeks on Frankfurt!

  2. the more places we visit the more homesick about leaving them!

    1. Oh yes Anna, so many places I am now homesick for other than those places I have been lucky enough to live in...Croatia and Portugal among them!

  3. There is no place like home, no place like home!

    1. There really is no place like home...and all the places we have called home!

  4. I feel like I have been homesick for Japan ever since first living there almost 10 years ago (and i'm there again now). I do love Australia though.

    1. Enjoy Japan, have only visited...would love to live there. Some places always hold a place in our hearts. Australia is an amazing place.

  5. Love this post - it's so great to recognise all the special things about our homes :)