Sunday, 19 June 2016

Memories of life in Shanghai four years on...

Hard to believe that we left our Shanghai life four years ago this week. 
We lived in Shanghai for four years so we have now been away for longer than we were there. 
So much has changed, we are struggling with repatriation after eight years 
as expats. Two years each in England and Germany after Shanghai. 
The memories remain strong but the life we lived fades into the distance. 
Barely any of our friends remain, the city has moved on, the skyline has changed, 
the markets, shops and restaurants that were familiar are no more,
 replaced with new places to give the next generation of expats
places to discover and explore.

Shanghai will always be special to my little family. 
My husband and I really had a four year long honeymoon! 
The places we went, the adventures we had, the people we met, 
lifelong friends have now slowly dispersed
around this globe of ours. 

We still miss Shanghai every day, such a vibrant, exciting, cultural and fun city...
come on a trip down memory lane with me...

Recycling guy, Shanghai, China

Our friendly local recycling guy!

Brides, Thames Town, Shanghai, China

The brides of Shanghai...having photos taken at "Thames Town"

Shanghai Skyline, Shanghai, China

The ever changing skyline and all the comings and goings of the Bund.

 Zhenru Temple, Shanghai, China

The temples!

Golden Leaves, Yu Garden, Shanghai, China

The beautiful local people, the autumn colour and Yu Garden

Mao, Dongtai Lu Antique Market, Shanghai, China

The now long gone Dongtai Lu antique market.

Street Food, Muslim Market, Shanghai, China

The aromatic and delicious food of the Muslim Market.

Laundry and load in an alley, Shanghai, China

The laundry and the loads.

Birds and Seniors, Shanghai, China

The senior citizens having a chat while 'airing' their birds.

Xujiahui, Shanghai, China

My local stomping grounds, the noise, the smell...the traffic!

Robyn's Shanghai nappers, Shanghai, China

The I miss my nappers!

Superman dog, Shanghai, China

The dogs in clothes. 

So much to miss but so many fabulous memories, happy we had the opportunity to 
have such a wonderful experience. 
We wouldn't change a thing!

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