Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Fly with the angels courageous little lion

I have had numerous posts in my draft folder, including parts of this one, over the last few weeks but I just have not been able to touch that 'Publish' button. It feels too frivolous to be posting adventures of castles, wondrous English spring gardens and great pub meals when friends from all corners of the globe have experienced heartbreaking tragedy. A great friend from Shanghai was diagnosed with a brain tumour, had to have surgery, far from home before being transported to his home country. The chef at our local cafe has suffered a brain haemorrhage and remains in hospital. These men and their families have a long road ahead.

The most terrible news of all, was the loss of my friend's beautiful and very courageous son Harvey, aged just 3 years and 10 months after a very long and brave fight against a brain tumour on 8 June 2013. Harvey's story is not mine to tell, you can read about Harvey - The Cureageous Lion here:

Duck Pond
A grey and cloudy day, transformed into blue sky as we went the duck pond to send lion coloured
balloons to Harvey in Heaven

As his family comes to terms with life without Harvey and his cuddles, no more chemo, needles and scans to endure, I reflect on what a small place Perth, Western Australia is. Where the "six degrees of separation" is more like three degrees. My cousin's beautiful young daughter Olivia lost her long and brave battle with a brain tumour in December 2010. Olivia spent too many heart wrenching days on ward 3B, the children's Cancer ward at Princess Margaret hospital in Perth. Harvey began the battle for his life in January 2011 and also spent far too many days on 3B. In February 2011, my friend's cousin and her family lost their precious son Elliot to a brain tumour. Elliot and his family were also, all too familiar with ward 3B. Three young children in three short months, within my circle, connected to a ward with not enough beds, not enough equipment. A ward that needs more when we would all like it to be completely unnecessary. These children should have met at playgrounds, schools, maybe a trip to the zoo. They should not have been sharing facilities on a kid's cancer ward. Tragically there are many more of these kid's cancer wards all over the world.

Cureageous Lion
For Harvey

Three families, devastated to the core, many lives altered by one disease. No parent should have to support their child through the awful symptoms, cruel yet necessary hospital stays and treatments, the loss of bright young lives far too early. Tragically there are many many more parents that have already walked that road, more who are currently living it and more that don't yet know it is on their horizon. Families torn apart, dreams dissolved, siblings lost forever.

Cureageous Lion
Fly free with the other tiny angels.

We all need to join forces, raise awareness and join the fight to stop childhood cancer. Support research to halt this terrible disease and to help those suffering now and in the future. Support Harvey's family in their efforts: Elliot's family founded The Telethon Adventurers...take a look at the amazing things they have done:

Cast a warm glow over your family forever more

Wherever you are in the world, make a difference. Donate what you can, say a prayer, give a hug. Make the world a brighter place, heaven has enough tiny angels.

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