Sunday, 24 November 2013

Neroberg Water Train, Wiesbaden, Germany

My husband has been working in Germany for the last three months. This came rather unexpectedly after our return from our Summer holiday in Shanghai. My girls and I were fortunate to spend the half term holiday in the gorgeous city of Wiesbaden near Frankfurt, to spend some time with my husband and to see a little of Germany.

We had heard about the Neroberg Water Train from some work colleagues and were lucky enough to scrape in on the last day before it closed for the Winter. The train has been taking people up Neroberg mountain since 1888. It is run by water, the downhill carriage is filled with 7000 litres of water which pulls the second carriage uphill via a thick steel cable. When the downhill carriage arrives at the bottom, it releases the water which is them pumped back up hill, very clever! It runs every 15 minutes from April to October.

Water Train

All aboard!

Water Train

The ride up the 245 meter hill was lovely with the dappled sunlight pouring in through the autumn leaves.


The view over Wiesbaden, meaning "meadow baths"was lovely.


We got to the top and went for a walk along the pathways, found a lovely Monopteros in the park.


What an incredible sight! As we wandered down and took in the view, my husband,
already at the viewing wall, told us to just gets better. As I reached the wall the
glorious golden leaves of the vineyard made an appearance, just stunning.

Neroberg Vineyard

After taking in the scenery for a while, picking out familiar buildings from the city we
continued our stroll down the hill.

Russian Orthodox Church

We caught a golden glimpse through the forest which wasn't from the Autumn leaves.

Saint Elizabeth's Russian Orthodox Church

We were presented with the golden domes of St Elizabeth's Church, a Russian Orthodox Church completed in 1855. Built by Duke Adolf of Nassau in honour of his late wife. Princess Elizabeth, Grand Duchess of Russia, who was 19 years old when she died in childbirth.

St Elizabeth's Russian Orthodox Church

We paid €2 each to enter this graceful old building, which was bright, elegant and peaceful.

Such a beautiful way to spend an afternoon as a family, the fun trip up on the water train, 
the exquisite Russian Church set in the beautiful countryside and a delightful stroll through the woods
back to the bottom.

It was a cheap ride up, One way  2.50 for Adults and  1.25 for Children 
 There is a restaurant part way down the hill and a public swimming pool which would be fabulous in the Summer, with the amazing views over Wiesbaden. The Neroberg Water Train will open again in April 2014 and is well worth a visit if you find yourself in the area.

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