Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Fragrant Flashbacks, scent makes travel more vivid.

Travel escalates all of our senses to another level. We see things that astound us, 
sounds create the ambience of the setting. Unfamiliar textures and tastes stimulate our minds. 
Smells intensify the experience and years later, the same scent can take you back in time.
This month's travel link up is Scent, thanks for the trip down memory lane 
Emma, AngieJessie and Sus!

I remember stumbling across this field of bluebells in England. 
A vibrant feast for the senses, the colour and dappled light, a magical sight.
The sounds of the leaves rustling, the cool breeze on my skin...but oh the smell!
Sweet, fresh and woody. You could smell the sunshine!
I have this photo on a wall...I swear every time I walk by, 
I am back in that forest and can smell the bluebells once more!

Whenever I return home to Perth from my travels, I cannot wait to walk out those airport 
doors and into the loving embrace of the smell of Eucalyptus. 
Forget the diesel fumes from the tour buses, smokers having a last puff at the door, 
all I smell is the smell of home.

The delicate sweet smell of Cherry blossoms will forever take me back to the 
cherry groves in Germany.

The heady smell of Autumn in my German forest is in my memory bank, 
ready to be reignited, though it could be a while, Perth not known for autumn colour.
I will miss the changing of the seasons and the scents they invoke...until next time!

One of my favourite smells is the briny smell of the sea. 
Takes me home to Perth, back to Greece and Croatia, Turkey and Sanya. 
Comforting and invigorating, happy times spent in the oceans of the world. 
I was walking on this beach, sea air in my lungs, sand between my toes, by a group of kids 
on the sand, learning about beach safety...the smell hit me...sent me back to my own childhood
and swimming lessons at the beach...the smell of the same sunscreen took me back in time.

Whether my next adventure is is tiptoeing through tulips and enjoying the smell of 
Springtime in Keukenhof, The Netherlands. Walking the streets of Shanghai, breathing in the smells of wet markets and street foods or discovering new destinations, the smells will be 
imprinted in my memory, ready to be reignited sometime in the future.


  1. Stunning photos, Robyn! The smell of the seaside is unmistakeable, isn't it? I love it.

    1. Thanks Jaime, nothing like the smell of the seaside, soothes my soul!

  2. Great post. I could almost smell it all. Isn't the 'fragrant flashback' just a crazy and wonderful thing?

    1. Thanks Erin. Fragrant Flashback is crazy and wonderful, taking you back in time in an instant!

  3. Glorious images Robyn - aren't bluebells just so delicious?

    1. Thanks Emma, the bluebells are incredible. More than slightly homesick for Spring in Europe at the moment. Missing the daffs, bluebells...and white asparagus!

  4. Gorgeous photographs! I especially love the cherry blossom :)

    1. Thanks Jessi, walking among those cherry blossoms was delightful!

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