Friday, 7 March 2014

Forty Winks Friday...Oh for the simple life!

These nappers probably all have mobile phones, jobs and homes to go to.

Robyn's Shanghai Nappers

They choose to have a quick nap on a park bench to recharge
before getting on with their day.

Robyn's Shanghai Nappers

They take advantage of  the many park benches in and around Shanghai,
taking a leisurely break from the stresses of life. 

Robyn's Shanghai Nappers

They may or may not have internet access at home. They probably don't have Facebook
or a Blog, as they are both blocked in China.

Robyn's Shanghai Nappers

My family has been in Germany for nine weeks today,
without internet access for about eight of those weeks.
The time we had internet, it was slow and unreliable.

In some ways it has been lovely, time to spend together as a family without gadgets
interrupting our lives. It has been difficult to lose connection with 
family and friends, to find our way around our new life in Germany
without Google to advise, direct and translate.

Finally, we are back online!
I, for one am very happy to be connected once again.
Now I can finalise my accommodation plans
for my upcoming visit home to Perth.

Looks like I won't be joining my Shanghai Nappers
on a park bench after all! 

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