Sunday, 18 May 2014

Moments in Time: 18 January 2013

Today's random date selector landed on
18 January 2013

We had just had our first English Winter and were a little
disappointed that we didn't get a longed for 'White Christmas'
so were all happy when snow was forecast.

The 18th dawned and many schools were closed, but not ours.
I took the dog for a walk with no snow in sight. By the time we returned home
the snow had set in and our backyard was covered in white.

Dog catching snowflakes

Plenty of snowflakes for Ralph the dog to catch.

Driving in the snow

School closed, had to hit the road to pick up my girls.
Happy to have a 4x4 with anti skid!


We learned that not all snow is suitable for building snowmen,
this stuff was like building a sandcastle with dry sand...
hence our 'snowblob'

Snowy tunnel

The walkway to our dog walking field, clear that morning
had become a beautiful white tunnel.

Robin in snow

Spotted a cute little Robin.

Field of snow

Dog walking field turned
Winter Wonderland.

Haddenham Church End

Church End and the duck pond
take on a postcard look.

Snow covered red phone box

Snow topped red phone box...
and time for a pint at The Green Dragon!

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