Saturday, 18 October 2014

Three useful things I never travel without.

We are about to head off on another adventure for the Fall Break, 
the girls and I..and the dog are tagging along on my husband's work trip to the UK.
A chance to catch up with some UK friends and family, finally make it to Bath and
I am looking forward to seeing the Poppies of Remembrance at the Tower of London.

I used to pack for holidays weeks in advance, write lists and tick things off. 
Now I am not quite as obsessed and don't stress too much. 
As long as I have my kids, a camera and passports it doesn't really matter if something is forgotten.

There are three things that always get packed, no matter if it is a weekend or a month away,
a car trip or a long haul flight.

Travel Essentials

1. A Sarong.

A sarong is the most versatile item you can travel with and it takes up next to no room. It can be transformed into many things. Over the years I have used mine as a picnic rug, sheet, changing room, room divider, sun shade, pillow, a carry bag, towel, curtain, a sling, blanket, tablecloth and as padding for delicate souvenirs. Perfect for covering up to be culturally correct when visiting temples and shrines. Surprise, surprise, you can even wear it...a beach cover, skirt, scarf or shawl! When I was backpacking around Europe, many moons ago, my travel companions dubbed my sarong 'Grandma' as 'she' did so much for all of us it was like travelling with Grandma!

2. Selection of Medicines.

There isn't much worse than being on holiday and not having access to your medicine cabinet at home when you really need it. No matter if you are 100 kilometres away, needing a pain killer at 3am or in a country where you don't speak the language, have a three hour bus trip leaving in an hour and can't seem to be more than 1 metre away from a bathroom. You don't need to take the cabinet with you, just a few essentials. I take painkillers, anti diarrhoea relief, antihistamine for insect bites and allergies, tiger balm or equivalent is great for insect bites, headaches and aching muscles. Don't forget the band aids for blisters. Tea tree oil for cuts, abrasions and to clear the nose if you get a sniffle! Tissues...always take tissues!

3. Zip Lock Bags.

One of the best inventions ever, I always pack a couple in various sizes and they invariably come in handy. Protecting phones, cameras and passports from wet weather or activities on water. Storing SIM cards, charger cables and spare batteries. Keeping snacks in, separating different currencies. Perfect for keeping your travel medicines in. Pop your sarong in one if it gets damp! Storing receipts and brochures, keeping small souvenirs or jewellery together and safe. Keep toothpaste, shampoo and conditioner sealed in as extra 'insurance' against leakage in the toiletry bag. Putting smelly shoes in or wet swimwear. Keeping underwear together, then it can double as a laundry bag. Need an icepack, fill with ice and seal or put some drinks in to chill them! I am sure the list is endless!

...and always take your sense of humour... Happy travelling


  1. Enjoy your holiday trip. I'll look forward to your photos on your return if not before.

    1. We had a lovely time Marcia, more posts to come!