Tuesday, 4 November 2014

A refreshing walk in the forest, come along!

Some days, life as an expat are harder than other's.
Today, in Australia is Melbourne Cup day, a horse race dobbed
'The race that stops a Nation' and it does...and it stops Australians
across the globe in their tracks too. The highlight of the year in Shanghai
was the Australian Women's Group 'Melbourne Cup Lunch'.
Weeks were spent preparing for the big day, dresses were made, hats were bought. 
The day would dawn and taxi drivers across Shanghai were surprised to find Women
of many nationalities..we Aussies know how to convert all to the joys of 'A Melbourne Cup Lunch'...
dressed to the nines, hailing taxis in high heels at 8am, ready for fun, frivolity and lots of champagne.
Today it was all over, in Australia and in Shanghai before I woke in Germany,
though a German horse did win so there's something.
But I did reminisce about great times with wonderful friend's who
are now scattered across the globe and the fabulous fun we had!

Today is also the birthday of four of my family and friends in Perth.
I called one of my best friend's to wish her a Happy Birthday.
I sent a message to my beautiful God Daughter on her 21st Birthday.
My cousin celebrated her 40th in style at the actual Melbourne Cup,
another cousin I haven't seen in years, contact lost, but I never forget her birthday.
It's times like this that I would love to be at home celebrating with family and friends.

Instead of feeling left out, I dusted myself off, resisted the suggestion 
of my friend in Sweden to wear my 'Melbourne Cup' fascinator and headed off
to walk the dog in 'our' forest.

We walked by our stream, breathing in air fresher than fresh.

The path has exploded in the colours of Autumn. It seems to get 
brighter and more vibrant every day. I have never experienced such a transformation before.

He wasn't the winner of the Melbourne Cup, but we saw a horse!

We discovered a new path and went to explore.

Fungi and moss made the most of fallen trees.

The falling and fallen leaves saturated the area with colour.

Hello, can you stop taking photos and throw my ball!!!

The scenery just breathtakingly beautiful.

Life in the forest thriving.

Hello...the ball...throw the ball!

...again...throw the ball again!

We walked amid sensational colour, 
the only sounds were leaves falling to the ground....
and the dog chasing after the ball!

Little 'Twitcher' huts are dotted around the forest, bird life aplenty here.

We walked back to the main path, where other people and their pets
were enjoying a beautiful day too. 
I wasn't in Shanghai, enjoying a Melbourne Cup lunch, or in Perth celebrating
birthdays, but I made the most of my day and enjoyed a beautiful walk in 
a magnificent part of the world, walking distance from my front gate.
Life is good!

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  1. I missed seeing this post earlier. What a lovely place for a walk. Fall is in full swing there in Germany.