Wednesday, 26 November 2014

German Gems #4

Free Beer

My husband is a bit of a beer connoisseur, quite partial to a well kept
British Ale, also a Little Creatures Pale Ale from my home town of Fremantle.
 He likes his beer but it has to be decent.

On one of our first forays into Aldi in Frankfurt, we grabbed a 6 pack of
Karlskrone Premium Pilsener for the paltry sum of €1,69, thinking that if it was bad
we wouldn't be wasting that much money. Well it turned out to be pretty good!
Even better when our neighbour saw the empty bottles in with our recycling and told
us to take them back to the shop where we would get 25 cents Pfand/deposit for each bottle.
Really...that would make the 6 pack just 19 cents...basically FREE!

Karlskrone Beer Frankfurt Pfand

Well not quite... as it turns pay the €1,69 plus the €1,50 Pfand/deposit as well.
Not the €1,69 including beer and Pfand as we thought at first.

Karlskrone Beer Frankfurt Pfand

Our recent Aussie visitor to Frankfurt could not believe how cheap the beer was...or how good!
Great pic Col ;)

Karlskrone Beer Frankfurt Pfand

It is so easy to get your Pfand/deposit back. Take your bottles back to the shop, 
put into the hole in the wall where they will be scanned.
That is my husband's hand...he is shy!

Karlskrone Beer Frankfurt Pfand

When you have finished....this time we had...ahem.... 13 bottles...
press the green button and you will get a voucher.

Karlskrone Beer Frankfurt Pfand

When you have finished doing your food shopping...
grabbed some more 'free beer'....and maybe some wine.
Give the cashier your voucher at the till and the Pfand from your empty bottles will be taken off,
which will negate the Pfand for your fresh bottles of 'free beer'! 

Karlskrone Beer Frankfurt Pfand

The Pfand in Germany also applies to drinks other than beer,
 bottles of water, soft drinks and juices, just look for the word 'pfand'.
Intriguingly there is no Pfand on wine bottles...shame!

So, even though the beer is not technically 'Free' it is still only
29 cents a may as well be Free and we will always call it 'Free Beer'!

German Gem...absolutely!

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