Tuesday, 7 April 2015

I finally visit magical Prague, Day One!

The city of Prague in the Czech Republic has been on my travel wishlist for many years.
I planned to visit on a four month backpacking holiday in my twenties.
I listened to other backpackers talk about the magic of Prague in hostels in Istanbul, Rome and Paris so was not happy when we just couldn't fit Prague into our schedule.

Then, last year my family moved to Germany, Prague became closer.
A trip to Prague would be my birthday present from the family last October.
This trip had to be cancelled, a work trip for my husband came up. Really!!!

So last weekend was a long weekend, an event we were going to was cancelled.
I grabbed the opportunity and booked a hotel on the Thursday...we hit the road first thing on
Saturday morning for the UNESCO heritage listed city of Prague.

Our four and a half our drive turned into a seven and a half hour drive, we never considered
early Easter traffic! It was such a stunning, blue sky day I just wanted to get to Prague and explore!
We finally made it to our hotel, checked in and wandered down the Vltava river
to the historic and beautiful Charles Bridge.

Prague took my breath away. A place I have anticipated for decades did not disappoint,
all the tales I had heard about the beauty of Prague came to life before my eyes.

Enjoy my first few hours of Prague!

Vltava River, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle

Vltava River, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle

Vltava River, Prague

Charles Bridge, Prague

Vltava River, Charles Bridge, Prague

Vltava River, Prague

Vltava River, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle

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