Sunday, 8 November 2015

Photo a Day - The great disappearing act of October!

Wow, one minute October seemed to be ticking along nicely then suddenly...
we are a week into November. 
Granted we had a road trip in the middle, I was taking my photos for my Photo a Day
but time was tight and we were just too busy enjoying life to 
download on the road let alone post any photos.
We arrived home and got straight into 'moving home mode'!
Here is my dismal attempt at October!

As always the prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt!

Today is National China Day, the memorial Day for the founding of 
The People's Republic of China.
I just had to use a photo of my Shanghai for the prompt, 
I hung out of a hotel window for this one!

Basic Needs
Ralph's needs are basic - food, drink and to play in...and a ball...always a ball close by!

Many people will be crossing over the River Main in Frankfurt over the weekend.
Frankfurt is hosting the Celebrations for Germany Unity Day. 
Many events celebrating Germany's reunification, displays, concerts and exhibitions.
I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to live in wonderful Germany.

I have all my eggs in one basket..oops!

Needle in a haystack
I didn't find my "needle" in my "haystack".
I went into my forest to find a red and white mushroom to use...but this was as close as I could find.
It was quite the adventure, got stuck in mud and thought I would have to leave my shoes behind!

Plenty of scales here!

Things that pop
My village is popping with colour, this was the hedge in the car park today.
Crazy busy...haven't sat down...about to pop a cork for a well deserved wine!

Out of the box
My treasures came out of the box when we moved to Germany...
they go back in the box in January when we move home to Australia...
hope everything makes it in one piece.
Finally quotes sorted, shipper chosen, contract signed!

Mirror image
Canals in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Just like me
I took a photo for this prompt on the day, but I found this and it is more like me...
a bit chubby, a bit cheeky, adventurous...and...just like me...Robin!

Taste of Life
I love to travel, it gives you a taste of life in another place.
This is the beach in Christchurch, Dorset, England.
We popped down for the day when we lived in England, 
an eight hour round trip...we wanted to see the sea.
We are off on another adventure ..our last European road trip 
before we head home to Australia. 
Ten days, four countries over 5 000 kilometres, at least 40 hours in the car!

Windmill and a bright blue sky...Sweden!

Under the Eiffel Tower in Paris on my birthday 15.10.15.
First stop on our European Road Trip

With me
Ralph is nearly always with me, my little shadow.
Working on getting him home to Australia is a full time job, 
working with two government departments on opposite sides of the planet.

Passage of Time
My forest is showing the passage of time.
First shot was taken 14 October, just before we left for our European adventure.
The second was taken just as we arrived home just ten days later.

Our passage of time in Germany is coming to an end.
The logistics of getting home are overwhelming at the moment and I 
need to dedicate my time to the big move...Photo a Day
has to take a back seat for now, but will return!

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