Wednesday, 6 January 2016

15 European Adventures of 2015... What will 2016 bring?

My home is a disaster zone of packing boxes, paint cans and piles of stuff to be donated or ditched. 
Part of our lease is to repaint the interior of the house white before we leave. Fabulous!
Just adds to the stress of moving. Throw in Christmas, New Year, a mountain of paperwork
 and a never ending to do list, nerves in our household are jangling. 
In days, our life as expats comes to an end after nearly eight years and three countries.
It is time to move back home to Perth, Western Australia.

We can look back on a fabulous list of adventures over the last twelve months, 2016 will be 
vastly different as we head back to live in the most isolated city on the planet. 
No more driving from Germany to France for lunch!
It is going to be wonderful rediscovering our homeland, more memories to be made, 
adventures to go on and exploring things that have changed.

We have certainly made the most of our time in Europe, 
here are just 15 of the many adventures we went on in 2015

Belem Tower in Portugal on a gorgeous Summer day.
Belem Tower, Lisbon, Portugal

We popped over to Metz in France for lunch one day...because we could.
The cathedral was one of the best I have seen.
Metz Cathedral, Metz, France

We visited Mannequin Piss in Brussels.
Mannequin Piss in Brussels

Spent the day by the seaside in  Lynmouth, Devon.
Low tide, Lynmouth, Devon

On a very hot Summer's day in Germany, we jumped in our air conditioned car, 
went for a drive...and stumbled on this amazing castle..Eltz Castle. 
A medieval castle nestled above the Moselle River.

Eltz Castle, Germany

We popped in to Woolacombe Beach in England, voted the 13th best beach in the world! 
Nice, but I can't wait to dip my toes into the Indian Ocean next week!
Woolacombe Beach, England

Another day trip, another castle! The gorgeous Heidelberg Castle.
Heidelberg Castle, Heidelberg, Germany

The spectacular city of Lisbon, a few days was not enough, I will be day!
Lisbon, Portugal

Enjoyed yet another Fasching Festival in Wiesbaden, so much fun!
Fasching Festival Fun, Wiesbaden, Germany

We drank Bordeaux in Bordeaux and fell in love with the city, 
stayed an extra day to discover more...
Bordeaux, France

We drove through a snowstorm to visit Utrecht, The Netherlands. 
So worthwhile, such beauty and the skies turned blue for us!
Utrecht, The Netherlands

Baden Baden, in The Black Forest was wonderful, the Spring air so fresh and fragrant.
Baden Baden, Black Forest, Germany

We spent a fabulous weekend in Prague, wandered around this beautiful city for hours!
Guard, Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic

We took in the views while walking amongst the heather in the Exmoor National Park.
Exmoor National Park, Devon, England

We soaked up the history in Berlin, the capital of Germany. 
Reichstag Building, Berlin, Germany

Stay tuned for some Aussie Adventures...and I will document our European adventures in more detail ... when I have a spare minute...possibly 2017!

Now....back to packing and sorting...


  1. I thought you'd be headed back by now. Can't wait to see what Perth looks like.

  2. Wait, part of your lease is to re-paint the interior of your house!?
    I can't wait to see your new adventures!

    1. Yep...part of the lease states the interior needs to be freshly painted....white! Just what you want to do before you move country!