Sunday, 13 March 2016

Ahhh Perth, it is good to be home!

When you live the expat life, there are things that you miss from your home country, 
family and friends, comfort foods, local, seasonal produce, even the weather. 
Things that were part of your every day life become hard to get, Skype doesn't quite make up for missing birthday and weddings. You find food substitutes, though I always
had a jar of Vegemite in the cupboard. 

We arrived back in Perth eight weeks ago today. 
Our first weeks were spent eating things that we had missed. 
Glorious fresh Fish and Chips eaten by the water.
We have had a BBQ nearly every night, lamb, chicken and kangaroo!
We ate Red Rooster chips, Cherry Ripes, the pantry was filled with Wheat Bix.
We ate sweet, in season nectarines and plums, Cheezels and Chicken Twisties.
And then we realized...we live here now...slow down!

I am so happy to be rediscovering my home. 
The sky in Perth seems bigger, more blue and far higher than anywhere.
The air so fresh, scented with salt from the sea and eucalyptus, 
the river sparkling, full of dolphins and sea life. 
Noisy kookaburras, magpies and cockatoos acting as the morning alarm.
The sky at night, stars are bright, the southern cross shines from the velvety black sky.

The warm, outdoor lifestyle, picnics in the park...with concerts and sunsets thrown in.
 Walks around the river, swimming in the Indian Ocean, so much on our doorstep.
We will forever be "homesick" for parts of our temporary homes in 
China, England and Germany...but it is good to be home in Australia.

Perth Skyline from Kings Park, Western Australia

Woodman Point, Indian Ocean, Perth,Western Australia

Pigram Brothers Concert, Quarantine Park, Bicton. WA

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  1. You're right about the sky in Perth! That describes it so well. It's unlike anywhere I've ever been before, too. You're lucky to have such a beautiful hometown :)