Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Dalkey Castle, Dublin County

Time to take a glimpse into the past and visit Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre. Dalkey, or Goat Castle was built in the late 15th Century and is actually a fortified town house. A visit today takes you back in time with the Living History tours. On arrival at the Heritage Centre you watch a short but informative video on the history of the area. Goods were offloaded from ships in the Dalkey sound and transported to Dublin by land. Dalkey Castle was used as storage depots and a residence for merchants.

Dalkey Castle

After the film you are whisked back to the medieval times by actors who portray maids, merchants and tradesman who work at the castle. A very educational and entertaining performance by all the actors who never once went out of character. They describe their daily lives in Dalkey and the customs of the time. Woe betide you were an uninvited guest and succumbed to the murder hole above the door, where you would be either pelted with rocks or doused in boiling urine. Glad times have changed!

Dalkey Castle

St Begnet's Church

10th Century St Begnet's Church and graveyard provided a fabulous backdrop for a history lesson.

Dalkey castle, guide

The guide inside the castle demonstrated medieval medicine and dentistry, my tweenager wasn't too keen on being subjected to bloodletting but played along for our entertainment. Descriptions of the food and menus of the bygone era weren't too appealing to our small group. The Teenager was keen to try the bow and arrow, though not so much as to shoot a hedgehog, albeit imaginary, for dinner! The Actors really do " bring life to history by bringing history to life".

Dalkey Castle

A fabulous performance and a great history lesson, you get a delightful view of the town from the battlements at the top and the Heritage Centre provides more information on local history, including a Writer's Gallery, Scale models of transport systems ....and some stocks recreate some medieval punishment...or a photo op!


Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre,
Castle Street
County Dublin

Adults €7, Concession €6, Child €5 and a Family €20 with the Living History included.

News Flash...in case you were rushing off to buy tickets....Dalkey Castle and Heritage Centre is undergoing an upgrade and will be closed from 31 October 2012 until January 2013...sure it will be bigger, better and worth the wait!


  1. Hi Robyn,

    I came across your blog through expats blog and it's nice to meet you! I am from England and now reside in Malaysia. Sounds like you're having a great time!
    Duncan In Kuantan

    1. Hi Duncan,
      Thanks for popping in, nice to meet you. We are loving exploring our surroundings and soaking up all the history. Love the close proximity! Kuantan looks like a great adventure too.

  2. What a great time you guys are having! We've never been to Ireland, despite being so close so many times - shame on us. Will definitely need to visit next time we're in the UK.

    1. It is amazing, you can feel the history! You have to get to Ireland, such a great place...and there is also the 'craic'! We are happy to go on an adventure with you guys ;)