Friday, 9 November 2012


It is well known in our little village that 'The Australians' have moved in. We are a bit of a novelty in a village where most people have been in residence for many years. I'm sure there were a few neighbours looking on and laughing one morning as I discovered our car covered in frost when I went to take the girls to the school bus. In Australia I had to scrape ice off my windscreen...oh...about about 20 years...and I could just use the palm of my hand. In Shanghai I relied on taxis, my feet or public transport, so no ice scraping required.

This is our other car...a black one...was too embarrassed to go onto the street and take photos of the red car!!!

I went out and discovered the car, totally should be red, covered in frost. I tried to wipe it off...with my hand. Wow, it was pretty thick, my hand is not going to work. I remember my husband has an ice scraper in his car...but's not there...I can't ask him...he is in Japan! I try the wipers with the washer, no help. I run inside and get a jug of water...from the tap...I'm not silly enough to use hot water...and it's not yet cold enough for it to freeze on contact. I can only get a small round 'window'. Cursing as we have a 4x4 and I'm only 5'2" so I'm getting cold and wet trying to reach the windscreen. Finally make a bigger 'window' after numerous trips to refill water jug. My hands frozen and now blue.

Thick Ice!

Time ticking for school bus...we jump in and I drive about one car length...can't see...not safe. Grab some cardboard which turns to mush and doesn't budge an ice crystal. Nothing to do but to send the girls running for the bus. I sheepishly lock the car and walk 20 paces to my front door, leaving the car by the side of the road. I'm sure all my neighbours are peeking through curtains watching me do my walk of shame, laughing at the Aussie's ridiculous attempt at ice removal. What I wouldn't have done for a tea drinking, nose hair plucking, ear wax picking, crazy Shanghai taxi driver right then!

My saviours!
Now I have these...ready and waiting for the next frosty morning!


  1. Robyn, I have just read your posts...I am a slow starter! Loved this one. But thought that you'd better hone your windscreen-ice-clearing skills because as the year goes on it's only going to get worse isn't it? (Am I the bearer of the bad news, or what?) MIL xx

    1. Thanks MIL, am now prepared for the onslaught of frosty mornings but alas we haven't had one since...give it a month and I'll be well practised!