Thursday, 21 February 2013

Goodbye Dragon...Hello Snake!

I loved the build up to Chinese New Year in Shanghai. The colour, the foods being prepared, the vibrancy, the mass migration as people started the long journeys home to be with family.


A celebration, a time for new beginnings, we were privileged to be a part of it.


I really missed the lead up to Chinese New Year this year. The Waitrose CNY displays of 'Chinese' food such as Pad Thai and Massaman curry did little to add to the meagre atmosphere. Really least use Chinese foods for a Chinese celebration. I would even have preferred Sweet and Sour Pork to Thai and Indian!

Yu Yuan

I really missed the amazing fireworks displays from our apartment's 29th floor balcony!


We were so lucky to spend the day celebrating the outgoing year of the Dragon and the incoming year of the Snake with our extended family in central London.


Chinese treats for all.


Amazing home made dumplings! A huge feast was had!

Cutty Sark

We all went for a walk, to work off some of our feast. We wandered by the Cutty Sark.

Painted Chapel

Visited the amazing Painted Chapel at Greenwich.

Old Royal Naval College Chapel

We chanced upon a practice recital at the Old Royal Naval College Chapel...what an amazing place to rehearse!

Mean Time

We reset our watches at Greenwich, after standing on the Meridian Line of course!

London View

Gazed over the amazing city of London!

Cutty Sark

We then wandered back to our cousin's house for a feast of Shanghai Noodles before heading home, satisfied that we spent Chinese New Year, not in China but more importantly with our family!

May your Year of the Snake be prosperous and full of good fortune!


  1. .....and a Happy Year of the Snake to you and yours, Robyn. Your dumplings look as good as Fiona's...!!!!
    And the comment re your blog, from Gaia, is very complimentary. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks MIL! I can't take credit for those Chinese cousin made them..though I do have a batch in the well as Shanghai Noodles, Hangzhou Beggar's chicken, Fried rice and tea eggs...for Lantern Festival :)