Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hughendon Park

I love getting out and about on the weekends with my family and discovering the amazing walks that England has to offer. One of my favourite finds is Hughendon Park, part of a historic estate that was once home to former Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli. Lots of grassy areas for the dog to run and play with beautiful views over the parkland for us to enjoy. 


Just off the A4128, there is parking near the church, if that is full, head up the hill and there is plenty more.

Dog walking

The dog loves to play fetch and there are heaps of sticks to throw if the ball gets lost. 


Kids are encouraged to get in and enjoy the environment.


We wandered along with this stream to our left, lots of space for all to enjoy.

Doggy Fun

The dog was happy to find some doggy mates to run with. All the dog walkers we have met here are really friendly....the dogs are too!


The walk is beautiful, with lots of benches to sit and enjoy the environment. It will be a perfect place for a picnic in the spring!

Avenue of Trees

We turned right and headed up the hill, found a gorgeous avenue of trees, then walked back along the crest until we found some gates leading to woodland.

Pet cemetary

We came across a little pet cemetery...seems dogs have been enjoying these grounds for many years. I later discovered that the tombstones were erected by Coningsby Disraeli, nephew and heir of Benjamin Disraeli, in memory of his dogs.


A path meandered through the woods, with Hughendon Manor on our right. A nice way to spend a chilly, clear winters day. We came across a junction with three choices, left, right or straight ahead. We turned right and went up a small hill, past the stables and ended up at the carpark where we had started! Lucky as it wasn't planned, we had intended to turn around and come back the way we had come. So we ended up doing a big loop around the property which took about an hour. Nice family outing and the dog could join us too! I look forward to having a look around the Manor, which is part of the National Trust now that it has reopened for Spring. Love how our dog walks become history lessons!

Hughendon Manor
Valley Road
High Wycombe
Buckinghamshire HP14

Check it out and get maps of the full walk at:


  1. I love your optimism that the advent of spring will bring more clement weather.

  2. Please let me dream, my first English winter wasn't half as bad as I expected! Looking forward to the daffodils and bluebells...and hopefully some sunshine!