Sunday, 16 June 2013

A year ago today...

One year ago today, my family had an emotional drive out to the airport in Shanghai. Our last trip as residents, we were leaving our Shanghai life behind, our apartment stripped bare, heart wrenching farewells were over. We took in the skyline, knowing that with the speed of progress, it would never look the same again. We savoured every last minute of the amazing city that had been our home for the last four years. A place where we all grew and blossomed. Made wonderful, life long friends. Adventures were had. A year on, we have embraced our new life, enjoy new adventures. But we still miss our Shanghai life, the simple everyday street life. What had started out as a novelty had become our normal.

Flower Shop
The shops on could buy just about anything off a trike.

The life on the street, the pyjamas, the washing.

Fix it man
The street vendors, who could fix just about anything, for next to nothing.

The fruit....ahh the delicious fruit!

Meat Seller
The wet markets and the characters within.

The smiles from labourers, happy with their lot.

Little Girl
The cute kids.

Split pants
The split pants and baby butts.
Robyn's Nappers
Mostly I miss the nappers....

Robyn's Nappers
The ability to sleep anywhere, balanced precariously...

Robyn's Nappers
They still manage to look comfortable!

Thanks for the memories Shanghai!

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