Monday, 9 September 2013

Apples and Blackberrys...a foragers delight!

I was out in the local field walking the dog, when I met up with a dog walking buddy. We walked together, throwing balls for the dogs when we came upon a tree laden with apples. My friend told me that they were cooking apples and I could help myself.

Really! I could not believe you are allowed to pick apples to your hearts content. So I selected a few!

Then we walked by a heap of blackberries, "yours for the picking" she said. So I picked some blackberries to go with my apples. I learnt that it would be wise to wear long sleeves when picking blackberries and how it feels to brush up against a stinging nettle! I also learnt that the leaves of the "dock plant" relieves the sting of the nettle and that they often, very conveniently grow around nettles.

Freshly picked apples.

Newly picked blackberries.

I decided an apple and blackberry crumble would be the perfect way to use my haul and a great accompaniment to our traditional Sunday Roast! 

The kitchen filled with the sweet bouquet of my fruit simmering on the stove top.

After our slow cooked roast beef dinner, my little family enjoyed the fruits of my labour, our delicious apple and blackberry crumble. I like this foraging idea!

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