Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Kullaberg is a nature reserve located on the spectacular coast of south west Sweden. Steep cliffs, rugged coastline and archaeological evidence of stone age inhabitants make this a wondrous place to spend a few hours wandering the hiking tracks and imagining the different settlers as times changed. The Stone Age, the Iron Age, the Vikings, the stories these craggy cliffs could tell!

The Kullen lighthouse, built in 1900 is the most powerful lighthouse in Scandinavia and is still in operation and though automated in 1979 it is still operated by a lighthouse keeper. 


There are many trails to explore, giving magnificent vistas of the ocean, with Denmark in view on a clear day.


Dramatic views of cliffs against an impossibly blue sky.


Fresh blackberries to snack on whilst taking in the beautiful surrounds.


The salt tinged air is so fresh and revitalising.


Love the power of the ocean, the smell of the sea spray. The rocky shoreline provides dramatic scenes as the waves roll in.


The stone lighthouse stands guard over the sea and the magnificent surroundings.


The picturesque town of Molle is nearby. I hear they have pretty nice ice cream there, perfect after a hike through the amazing landscape of Kullaberg.

Molle, Sweden

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