Friday, 11 April 2014

Forty Winks Friday. To market to market! Tongchuan Lu Seafood Market.

I love a good market and Shanghai has a market for just about anything, antiques clothes, upholstery, glasses...seafood. One of my favourites is the Tongchuan Lu Seafood market, a wholesale market that provides the restaurants of Shanghai with fresh seafood from around the globe. The people who work here put in very long hours, often living in small cubicles above their market stall. It is a pretty good place to catch a fish for lunch...and a napper or two!

Tongchuan Lu Seafood Market
Tongchuan Lu near Caoyang Lu
Putuo District, Shanghai

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  1. I really enjoyed eating at the seafood market. Best when you ask them to cook something a certain way and they tell you it's better with.(fill in spices here)......and won't cook it the way you want because "you foreign devil", you don't know food! Didn't it always taste great the way they cooked it!! :)

    Just tried an amazing restaurant near my house, great ambiance, tasty food....for Brazil, not enough veggies but that's the way here. There is a super outdoor covered space with gardens and waterfalls, man-made but so wonderful and calming. I have asked a few girls over the past few weeks to try it with me but they always have a 'better' suggestion (sometimes) and so I go along with that, which of course is great fun to get to know all these new ladies. None have tried 'my' suggestion yet even thought they have been here for 2 + years and it's soooo close to our homes. I finally went for lunch alone. So happy I did. Cheap and cheerful, LOVED IT! miss you. xoxoxx