Monday, 7 April 2014

Sculpture by the sea, Cottesloe 2014

My whirlwind trip home to Perth in March was wonderful. 
I hadn't been home for nearly two years so I relished the opportunity to 
catch up with friends and enjoy the familiarity of my home town.

I only feel truly at home when I have seen the Indian Ocean, 
the ever changing colours and moods of the sea, smelt the salty air
and walked on the soft white sand.

I was delighted to learn that Sculpture by the sea in Cottesloe, 
the town I was born, was on during my visit. I got to combine a visit to one of my 
favourite beaches with one of my favourite events.

Sculptures by the sea in Cottesloe has grown over the last ten years. 
This year saw 74 exhibiting sculptors from Western Australia 
and all around the world...let me show you some of my favourites!

Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe 2014, Bulk Carrier

West Australian Norton Flavel was behind this sculpture called 'bulk carrier' though it was more commonly known as 'The goon bag'. Described as "A playful reference to our culture of carting big"! It was a real draw card and bought  many visitors to the exhibition.

Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe 2014, Insectopia

Maria Hildrick, another West Aussie contributed 'insectopia', the description in the catalogue: "The artist is concerned about how we construct our sense of self, looking to animal and insect communities to explore ideas surrounding belonging, collective behaviour and identity". As an expat who has spent the last six years trying to work out how to belong in three different countries and cultures this really struck a chord with me.

Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe 2014, Red Centre

'Red Center' by American Carl Billingsley. I love how the colours mirror those of the distinctive red and yellow of the surf life savers. The safety flags on duty in the background.

Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe 2014, gift of the rhinoceros

This rhinoceros, crocheted from polypropylene fibre by Mikaela Castledine was incredibly lifelike and detailed. Was a hit with these young surf lifesavers.

Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe 2014, der traum (dream)

'Der traum (dream)', by German artist Wolfgang Friz made me wonder what everyone on the beach was thinking, where they had come from, why they were there. Felt ironic that although I am/was a local, born only a few kilometres from Cottesloe beach, my address is now in Frankfurt, Germany.

Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe 2014, whaleshark A-001 Stumpy

The blue and white, water filled bottles in the foreground "examines the unique 'fingerprint' identification spots of a real whale shark known as "Stumpy" and reflects the dynamic nature of the marine environment". By Olivia Samec and James Moe, both West Aussies.

Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe 2014, sea change

The detail of this steel, marine ply and aluminium sculpture 'sea change' was exquisite. The description: "When moving in a new direction, we draw on our past to create a new present. The shift or change opens up all sorts of new possibilities" How true, thanks to the artist Tim Macfarlane Reid!

Sculpture by the sea Cottesloe 2014, migration

This sculpture (only a small section shown here) called 'migration' is part of a series investigating the effect of invasive marine organisms and is by Victorian Alex Goad. I loved the form and smooth texture

Cottesloe Beach Hotel

After a morning of sun, sea and sculptures, my friend and I realised it was well past lunchtime and we hadn't eaten lunch. So we headed over to another Cottesloe beach institution, The Cottesloe Beach Hotel, to grab some lunch.

Lemon Lime and Bitters

I had a refreshing Lemon Lime and Bitters, the great Aussie drink (non alcoholic) you have when you are not having a drink (alcoholic). I tried many times, unsuccessfully to order one in England and always drew a blank stare. English bar is easy..put 5- 6 drops of Angostura aromatic bitters in a glass, pop in a few ice cubes and swirl, add a dash of lime juice or lime cordial, top up with lemonade, throw in a slice of lemon to garnish and you are done...delish!

Seafood Linguine

The Cott and Co. Fish bar serving of linguini, North West bugs, chilli and olive oil was scrumptious and gave us the energy to get back to the beach and check out more sculptures...stay tuned tomorrow for the afternoons attactions!

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