Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A few things I miss about living in England!

It has been five months since we loaded our car with the girls and the dog,
then followed the truck with our worldly belongings to our new life in Germany.
We love exploring our new surroundings, but still miss some of our UK life.

So, in no particular order are some of the wonderful
things to love about living in England!

Church of Saint Peter and Paul, Tring, Hertfordshire

The gorgeous old villages, the history they hold and the stories they tell...
and the daffodils that spread springtime over the country!

London Skyline

The ever changing and growing London Skyline!

The River Thames, Abingdon

The River Thames.
Boat trips, walks along the banks, drinks in pubs at the water's edge.

Leadenhall Market London

Discovering the many markets of London.

Prince George's Birth announcement

Being so close to London, you can join in the 
atmosphere of the big news events!


Blackberries you can forage for on walks in the woods.

English Apples

The Farmers' Markets and the delicious, fresh, local produce.

Snakeshead Fritillary

The spectacular Snakeshead Fritillary, the county flower of Oxfordshire.

The Bell, Cuddington

The cute Thatched pubs, real ales and good honest pub food.

Snowy field, Hughendon Manor, High Wycombe

The long country walks in winter, ice crunching underfoot. 

Christchurch, UK

Day trips to the seaside, this Aussie needs an ocean fix
every once in a while.

Sunset in the Chiltern countryside

The amount of protected countryside, beautiful and thriving
for all to share, respect and enjoy.

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  1. Absolutely wonderful photos Robyn a.k.a. DIL 2. They brought back a lot of memories about England for me too. Thank you.