Monday, 16 June 2014

Two years on....Things I miss about Shanghai...

Two years ago today, we left our empty Shanghai apartment, 
our happy home of four wonderful years
and headed out to Pudong Airport for the final time as residents.

We were excited for our new lives in England to begin but
it was heart wrenching to leave the city that
had given us so many happy and crazy memories. 
Tears had been shed as we farewelled our friends over the previous weeks, 
now was the time to shed a few more for the city we had all grown to love.
As the light rain came down as we drove, it felt like Shanghai was crying along with us.

In tribute to our life in Shanghai, 
in no particular order, here are a few of the things I miss
and probably always will. 

Thanks for the memories.

Shanghai Skyline August 2013

The ever changing Shanghai Skyline.

Recycling in Shanghai

My local recycling guy on his bicycle, his loads put
the tricycle recyclers to shame. He always had a smile for me!

Big Blue truck, Shanghai

The bright blue trucks and the crazy loads they carry. They come a close
second to the public buses as top of the traffic "food chain". Do NOT
expect one to stop for you...even if you have right of way!

"Going out" Pyjamas Shanghai

The 'going out' Pyjamas. Acceptable everywhere.

Shanghai sop on wheels

The shops on wheels!

Shanghai street food

The street food!

Shanghai street, washing, cycles, parasols

The washing, the red underwear, the sun umbrellas.

Shanghai Jian Bing

Jian Bing, how I miss Jian Bing!

Robyn's Shanghai Napper

The Nappers...I really, really miss my nappers!

Shanghai street sweeper

The hard working street sweepers and their twig brooms,
keeping their patch of Shanghai clean and tidy.

Recycling in Shanghai

The tricycle recycling guys and the amount of stuff they could carry.
I came pretty close to having a Shanghai Tricycle in my shipment to England!

Tea and dumplings, Shanghai

Sharing tea and dumplings with my fabulous friends.

OHS breach Shanghai

The crazy OHS breaches. 

Thai Zeed Cocktail, Lost Heaven, Shanghai

Thai Zeed cocktails at Lost Heaven....yuuum, possibly the best cocktail ever!
Though my husband has perfected a pretty close recreation!!

Shanghai Skyline, August 2013

The Shanghai Skyline at night.

I LOVE Shanghai!


  1. Love you! And miss it too. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. xoxo LizM.

  2. What wonderful adventures we had and memories we made, love and miss you too Liz xxx