Monday, 14 July 2014

Expat Connectivity

When I lived in Shanghai I was happy to keep in touch with family and friends via
emails and my Facebook page, adding photos and anecdotes of our daily life. 
It was often suggested that I start a blog but I didn't, due to slow internet and the
blocking of many sites, it was hard enough keeping my Facebook page up and running.

We moved to England and finally enjoyed a fast, reliable internet connection.  Oolong to Earl Grey was created and I started journalling the adventures my little family enjoyed. Who would have thought that a our new home in Germany would have us longing for internet access as 'fast' as we had in China.

Seems our nice house by the forest is in the "Internet Death Valley" of Germany,
despite being only thirty minutes from down town Frankfurt.
Lesson learned, before you buy or rent a house anywhere in the world, a little research 
on connectivity in the area is something to add to the list of 'things to do' before you move list!

As we deal with the on again, off again, off still, nature of our internet access,
here are some of the things we have been up to over the last few weeks.
Connecting with friends from over the globe, all organised with the help of the
World Wide Web...when available!

Eiffel Tower at night.

My youngest daughter and I spent a marvellous weekend in Paris catching up with 
wonderful Australian friends we first met in Shanghai.
After a delicious French dinner we relaxed on the grass of the 
Champ de Mars park and gazed up at the magical Eiffel Tower.

Sacre Coeur, Paris

We wandered the streets of Paris on a glorious, bright day. 
Visited the Sacre Coeur. Stopped for delicious crepes and
a glass of wine or two. Spending a few days with
wonderful friends in the city of Paris 
was medicine for the soul.

Abingdon, Oxfordshire

We all tagged along on a two week work trip back to the UK with my husband.
We walked the tow paths, ate at old English Pubs, had an English ale or two. 
Caught up with friends and neighbours from our lives in England. 

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset UK

Cheddar Gorge in Somerset had been on our never ending list of places to go 
when we lived in England, we finally made it there and crossed it off.

Cheddar Gorge, Somerset UK

We had a lovely long walk and finished off with lunch in Cheddar,
of course we had Cheddar Cheese with our lunch!

Biomes, The Eden Project, Cornwall, UK

My little family spent a few days with our fabulous friends from New Zealand and Ireland,
we all explored The Eden Project in Cornwall together.

Mediterranian Biome, The Eden Project, Cornwall, UK

The Biomes were incredible, a great day was had by all.

Mediterranian Biome, The Eden Project, Cornwall, UK

Educational and fun!

The Physic Garden, Chelsea, London

I spent a day in London with my lovely Irish friend. I last saw her when we were living in Shanghai. 
We joined my old English badminton ladies group for a tour of the Chelsea Physic Garden.

The Physic Garden, Chelsea, London

Was nice to connect friends from my life in China to friends from my life in England.

Carnaby Street, London

I love walking the streets of London, or any city for that matter.
My Irish friend and I met up with my cousin and walked,
soaking up the atmosphere and working up an appetite
for an amazing dinner at a marvellous French restaurant!

Adventures and face to face connections all organised on line.
An email here, Google map there, Facebook messages and Skype calls.
Love it or hate it, as expats, we need the internet to stay connected
with friends and family spread from Australia to China,
Canada to Ireland and beyond. Different time zones and schedules.
To meet up in person or to communicate and share ones lives from afar.

Lets hope we can sort out our internet woes and you will see more of
Oolong to Earl Riesling!


  1. It was so great to see you in Paris! We miss you already!! xxx

    1. Was so wonderful spending time with one of my favourite Paris! Miss you all too xxx