Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Unexpected delights on the road

Sometimes life throws you little gems just when you need them most.
We set off from Zagreb before the crack of dawn to beat the holiday traffic, 
without a hit of caffeine as the apartment we stayed at had run out.
I hate to think what the traffic was like later as it was pretty heavy at 5am, 
all the rest stops were packed with holiday makers, their cars stuffed to the brim.
A few hours into our drive, we stopped for a break, the queues to the bathrooms huge,
the queue to the cafe shambolic so we had to forgo our much needed coffee.

As we meandered along the A1 freeway toward Split, we saw a sign 'Gospa od Puta'
we had no idea what it meant, but as we drove over a bridge and saw this....

We had to pull into the rest area. What a stunning place, lots of people around but nowhere near as busy as
the other rest stops on the way and one thousand times more beautiful.

Gospa od Puta, Krka, Croatia

Gospa od Puta, our Lady of Travel with baby Jesus, was placed at the Krka rest stop
on August 14, 2011.

Gospa od Puta, Krka, Croatia

Standing at 3.5 meters high, she watches over travelers on land and on the water,
and some pretty spectacular scenery.  

After a relaxing break wandering around the statue and the walkways, gazing at the
sensational views we happened upon a tunnel under the bridge. We discovered a restaurant and 
shopping area. We finally had our much needed coffee and to top it off it was one of the 
best coffees I have ever had! So if you find yourself driving the A1 from Zagreb to Split in Croatia,
forget about the other service stops and head to the Krka rest area, visit the 
Gospa od Puta, enjoy the views...and the coffee!

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