Sunday, 1 February 2015

My Photo a Day, January 2015, Week Five

Enjoy my take on Week Five of the Photo a Day Challenge. 
The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt!

26 January
Swan River/Aussie Bush/Indian Ocean
Three things
 It is Australia Day and this Aussie is in chilly, snowy Frankfurt. 
Feeling homesick so my three things are three things I miss from home, 
after my family and friends of course!
The Swan River, many happy memories. The Aussie bush and the smell of Eucalyptus!
The Indian Ocean, I smell that and I know I am home. Happy Australia Day.

These are the full photos that made my collage....

Swan River, Perth Western Australia
The Swan River

Australian Bush, Toodyay, Western Australia
 The Aussie Bush

Indian Ocean, Fremantle, Western Australia
The Indian Ocean

27 January
Shanghai Sunrise, November 2012
Today the morning in Frankfurt was wet and grey..the day was busy...
so I give you...Shanghai at sunrise, November 2012

28 January
Bride, Shanghai China
Strange to wear jeans and sneakers under your wedding dress!
Though not in China.

29 January
Snowy Forest, Frankfurt, Germany
Winter..and after days of dull, grey weather it snowed, just in time for this prompt!

30 January
Jian Bing, Shanghai Street Food
Fave food
I have many favourites. My beloved Jian Bing, a breakfast crepe is up there at the top. 
Yet to find one in Germany!

31 January
Shanghai Skyline, May 2012
On top
On top of Shanghai, just before we left in 2012. 
The skyline has changed since then!

1 February
Chinese Porcelain, from the Geldermalsen
On my plate
Barnacles on my plate. This plate was on a Dutch boat called the Geldermalsen, which capsized 
off the South China Sea in 1752. The wreck was discovered in 1985 and recovered in 2002.
The plate still has barnacles on it!

Chinese Porcelain, from the Geldermalsen
The other side of the plate.

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