Friday, 20 March 2015

Forty Winks Friday - Perth, Western Australia takes a nap!

When I first started snapping Shanghai's nappers, some friend's thought I was a bit weird. 
Friends in Shanghai 'got it'...nappers were everywhere, sleeping in seemingly crazy places.
Friends came to visit us in Shanghai and finally 'got it', joining in, snapping or spotting.
I left Shanghai nearly three years ago, suddenly my 'nappers' on Facebook were no longer added to.

We all have things that remind us of people in our lives. 
When I see tulips, it reminds me of a friend who loves tulips. 
A Guns N Roses song, Sweet Child of Mine immediately reminds me of a friend
A whiff of a certain perfume has me looking around for another 
 friend as it is her 'signature scent'.

What reminds my friends of me? 
Nappers, when my friends see someone having a nap in public, wherever they may 
be in the world they see someone napping and they think of me!
Sometimes they snap the napper and send it to me!
My friend Helen, missed my napper updates from Shanghai. 
I reached into my Napper photo files and Forty Winks Friday was created.
Helen spotted a napper today, she snapped and sent him to me this morning. 

I give you all...Perth Napper...thanks Helen!

Napping over the world!

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