Sunday, 19 July 2015

Photo a Day - July Week 3 - Lazy days of Summer and a little history lesson!

July is whizzing by at an astonishing rate, though life is more relaxed, no alarms to wake to. 
Lazy days of Summer, walks in the forest and hanging out with my girls, adventures on 
the horizon. Out last summer in Europe, we have much to fit in!

The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt!
Chinese Chops
The Chinese use a "chop" with red ink for legal documents instead of a signature. 
They are typically made of stone. We have one each and sign letters and postcards with them.

The life and times of Ralph
Sticky Situation
Ralph often finds himself in this sticky situation. He puts his ball down...and it rolls under the gate where he can't reach it. He has developed a special yip which alerts me to the situation 
and I go to rescue his ball.

The life and times of Ralph
Another of Ralph's "sticky" situations!

Forest, Frankfurt, Germany
Begins with "T"
Just had to be my Trees I visit every day. Just love my forest!

Distorted Rose
A distorted part of my garden!

Summer Rose
The original photo

Bricked in window, Frankfurt, Germany
Germany has some gorgeous brickwork, also many bricked up windows like the UK. 
In the UK during the 18th century a "Window Tax" was charged, based on the number of windows in the residence. Many people bricked up windows to avoid paying the tax, though they lost the fresh air and light with the windows bricked up. The people said that they were robbed of their daylight due to the tax and it is where the term "Daylight Robbery" comes from.

The life and times of Ralph
Good Sport
Ralph is always a good sport at helping me out with photo a day prompts. 
This was for "Something beginning with R"
Ralph, Rose, Red ball and collar!

Children, Miao Sister Festival, Guizhou, China
These two children, dressed in traditional Miao Minority costume, 
holding hands at their "Sister Festival" were so cute!

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