Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Photo a Day in July - the month comes to an end, ten days of travel and memories!

I was encouraged to start this blog when we were living in China, but with the hassles of
dodgy internet and working with VPN's at the time I never did.
Who would have thought that years later, I would be thwarted with dodgy internet in Germany!
We have had internet issues since we moved into our Frankfurt home
seventeen months ago, losing connection for weeks on end...
not good for blogging and certainly not good for a household of expats including two teenagers!
Fingers crossed the problem has now been found and solved.
I can get back on track and share our adventures of our last few months as expats
before our move back home to Australia in January 2016.

The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the day.
Ten days of memories old and new!

Pearl Tower, Shanghai, China
The multifaceted, iconic Pearl Tower in Shanghai!

Keukenhof, The Netherlands
The flowers at Keukenhof, The Netherlands were a vision!

Paper cut, Chinese Horoscopes
My family by Chinese Horoscope...we have a Pig, a Horse (me) a Tiger...
and a very special year of 2000 Golden Dragon!

Re imagine Ageing
I would like to re imagine my Mum's ageing, have her around to see her grand daughters 
flourish and grow. Mum missed her first grandchild, my daughter by two days.

Miao embroidery, Guizhou, China
Hand making and embroidering traditional Miao Minority shoes in Guizhou, China.

Ferry Crossing, Dover, England
My composition of my ferry, the Chaannel and Dover last Saturday, on our way to England.

Guard, Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic
In good hands
The Prague Castle is in good hands with the guards protecting it.

Mali Ston, Croatia
Why can't I live in Croatia and eat fresh oysters all day???

Black Forest Cake, Black Forest, Germany
Piece of cake 
This Black Forest Cake in the Black Forest was a great piece of cake!

Christmas Market, Wiesbaden, Germany
Loved the atmosphere of the Wiesbaden Christmas Markets at night.

Iconic Red Phone Box, London, England
Love the pop of red from my London phone box after a filter was added.
It was a grey London day last Monday.

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