Sunday, 6 September 2015

Photo a Day - September, a change of seasons is on the way

September has arrived, the girls are back at school, the days are getting shorter, 
there is a chill to the air and the colours of the forest are changing.
Quite symbolic as our own lives subtly change and we get ready to move on.

Enjoy my first days of September, the prompt of the day is in red, the photo and 
description is my take on the prompt!
Forest, Frankfurt, Germany
Walk on
Ralph the dog and I walk on, into our forest every day, follow the path, 
breathe the fresh air, watch the subtle changes every day....and throw balls!

Local, Guizhou, China
The Human Body
The Human Body has limitations, the Human Spirit is boundless - Dean Karnazes

Cavtat Bay, Croatia
Something Turquoise
The stunning Turquoise waters of Cavtat Bay, Croatia.

Ralph the dog
Of course Ralph has a Turquoise ball!

Stradun, Dubrovnik, Croatia
The Rooftop
The rooftops of Dubrovnik, Croatia, looking down Stradun. 
George Bernard Shaw said "Those who seek paradise on earth should come to Dubrovnik"
....he was right!

Fountain of Justice, Frankfurt, Germany
My Country
I am Australian, I love my country but for the last 20 months, Germany has been my home. 
It is a beautiful country, full of forests and castles, friendly people and incredible history. 
I am so proud of my host country and their welcome of the displaced people of Syria. 
Germany has taken in and given refuge to over 800 000 of these people trying 
to find a safe haven from a life of terror.
A huge showing of humanity, something this world of ours needs more of.
Well done Germany.

Fremantle Harbour, Western Australia
My Country, Fremantle, Western Australia!

Modern Father
My Dad worked away long before 'fly in - fly out' ever became a term. 
He would head out to sea in all weather, protecting the shores of Western Australia. 
Dad would home with plenty of fresh fish for us to eat.
He was a legend up and down the coast of WA, 
knew the sea like the back of his hand, the tides, the currents, 
where the best fishing spots were!
Happy Father's Day Dad!

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  1. These are lovely - I miss doing a photo a day challenge!