Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Photo a Day - September - gone with more than a hint of Autumn glory!

Is it just me or do the months in the second half of the year seem to fly
by at a faster speed than the rest of the year?
Hard to believe that we say hello to October tomorrow!

My September finishes with a taste of Germany,
some fresh Autumn colour,
a little bit of The Netherlands,
of course Shanghai makes an appearance or two
 and we even have a little bit of Britain!

The prompt of the day is in red, the photo and description is my take on the prompt.

Horse and his Shadow
Meet the handsome Duke and his shadow!

Autumn in the forest, Frankfurt
News just in, Summer has left the area and Autumn has made a comeback.

Ralph in the forest, Frankfurt, Germany
Me and my camera
...head into the forest every day with Ralph, the locals are used to me,my camera and Ralph by now.

Snowy, Autobahn, Germany
Road Trip
So hard to choose as most of our travel in Europe is done by road. You see so much more and you can stop in the most wonderful places.
One day in January, we hit the road so that I dcould meet up with some fellow photographers in Utrecht, The Netherlands and take some shots. 
Our road trip took a few more hours than we thought...we had to drive through a big snowstorm.
Was a road trip to remember.

Utrecht, The Netherlands
 We made it safely, the weather cleared to a spectacular day
that was enjoyed by all.

Fan of Shanghai, China
You all know that I am a gig fan of here is my Shanghai Fan!

Wisteria, Grey's Court, National Trust,Henley, England.
Secret Garden
Wollow the Wisteria Walk and the secret garden will unfold before your eyes.
Love the National Trust properties in the UK, full of secret gardens.

My live has merged with three different places over the last four years, Shanghai, China, England and my forest in Germany, there will always be a little piece of each in my heart.

Globe of the world
Our world needs more transparency. An openness, communication and
accountability to make the world a better place for all.

Autumn leaf, Forest, Germany
The bold and bright colours of Autumn are filling my forest.

Dressed Dogs of Shanghai
Made you smile never seen a dog with a Ralph Lauren top on backwards before??

September 2015

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