Friday, 2 October 2015

Today is the day of German Unity, Happy Anniversary Germany!

German Unity Day is held on 3 October each year to mark the anniversary of the nation's unification. 
The people of Germany remember when The Federal Republic of Germany and the 
Democratic Republic of Germany united to create one single, federal Germany on 3 October 1990.

The city of Frankfurt will host the 25th anniversary celebrations, 
which will be full of atmosphere and festivities, 
I am privileged to have the opportunity to live here and embrace life in Germany today.

Happy Anniversary Germany, you are a beautiful nation, full of rich history,
fabulous traditions, wonderful people and spectacular scenery.
Thank you for having my little family, we love Germany!

Enjoy some of my life here in Germany.

The Reichtag Building in Berlin
The Reichstag building, Berlin

Frankfurt with a festival in full swing, Germany knows how to throw a festival!

Baden Baden, beautiful spa town in the foothills of the Back Forest.
Baden Baden, Germany

Limburg, a beautiful town in the Lahn valley, full of historic half timbered houses,
the oldest free standing house in Germany is here...built in 1289!
Half timbered house Limburg. Germany

The Christmas Markets of Germany are truly magical, the one in Wiesbaden is one of my favourites.
Christmas Market, Wiesbaden, Germany

Every village in Germany has a rich history, the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Church in Hofheim
is no exception, the bells of the church were sent to Berlin for 
"safekeeping"during the war but went missing. 
They were found, years later buried in a pig pen and are now back where they belong!
Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Hofheim, Germany

The forests surrounding Frankfurt are spectacular in any season.
Forest, Frankfurt, Germany

Heidelberg Castle, history, architecture a beautiful, historical monument.

 Eltz castle, owned by the same family for over 850 years, Germany 
certainly has some breathtaking castles.

I love this German philosophy!

When you go to the Black must have Black Forest cake!


  1. We will be visiting Germany in June next year. You'll be long gone by then. We'll be staying outside of Munich after completing a river cruise on the Danube from Budapest. Look forward to seeing some of those castles.

    1. You will love Germany Marcia! The river cruise will be many castles. I have heard so many people rave over Budapest, sadly I don't think we will fit in a trip before we head home...will have to come back!