Thursday, 1 October 2015

Happy China National Day, China

Today is China National Day, 
the memorial day for the founding of The People's Republic of China.

The people of China will travel far and wide to celebrate with family and friends.
Enjoy China!

Here are eight of my memories from our time in China. 
Eight as it is the most auspicious number in Chinese culture, 
the number eight, pronounced 'ba' sounds similar to the word for prosperity 'fa'.

An iconic Panda after a feed of bamboo in Chengdu.
Panda, Chengdu, China

Birds hanging in the streets of Shanghai, filling the air with their songs.
Birds hanging out, Shanghai, China

The legendary 'Avocado Lady' made many an expat feel at home.
Avocado Lady, Wulumuqi Lu, Shanghai, China
Friendly Chinese cooks, always ready for a smile!
Chinese Cooks, Qibao, China

The beautiful Lotus bloom in Yangshou, China.
Lotus Blossom, Yangshou, China

You can transport anything on the back of a bike in China.
Duck Farmer, Yangshou, China

The ever changing Shanghai Skyline.
Shanghai Skyline

I am sure China National Day 2015 will go out with a spectacular bang!
Chinese New Year Fireworks, Shanghai, China


  1. Wow. You reminded me that I was in China on National Day 5 years ago! Time flies! The daughter we were visiting came home in Dec. 2011, went back and forth to China in 2012, started grad school in DC in 2013 and was married in Dec. 2014. Now she works in DC and has returned to China and the Far East 4 times in the last two years.

    1. China on National Day is quite the experience. Sounds like your daughter loves China as much as we do!

  2. How beautiful! We've never been, but would love to go some time soon!

    1. China is incredible and diverse Emma, put it on your travel list!