Friday, 24 June 2016

Flashback Friday - A cheeky weekend in Paris

One of the joys of expat life is the people you meet and 
the friends you make along the way. 
Expat friends become your family away from home and you get 
close much quicker than you would at home.
Once we left Shanghai and lived for two years each in 
England and Germany, most of our visitors were 
friends from our time in Shanghai. 
We caught up with lots of  friends as they came to London, 
English friends who were 'home for the Summer' 
would join me for an adventure or two.
Friends came to stay in Germany to visit us...and a 
Christmas Market ... or two....maybe a visit to the Rhine to 
drink a Riesling...or two!

I received a message from a Shanghai friend who invited my family to join them in 
Champagne to spend the weekend with them and drink Champagne
while they were there. Only a few hours drive from Frankfurt... 
How could I say no??? Well I had to, we were off  
back to England so my elder daughter could go to prom 
with her old school mates that weekend. 
Major bad timing...but, our friends were also going to Paris! 
Maybe we could meet there...
 Took a little juggling, searching for rail tickets 
and a sneaky day off school for my youngest daughter, 
two of us got to go to Paris for the weekend. 
 We got to  have a fabulous weekend, 
We wandered the streets, soaked up the atmosphere and ate some wonderful food.
Best of all got to spend lots of time catching up with our wonderful friends. 
Sometimes these spur of the moment trips are the very best!

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