Monday, 1 October 2012

China National Day

As China celebrates it's National day, I reminisce fondly on my life there and of the many happy memories created with my family and friends. Thank You for all of my adventures China! 

The food is amazing.

Preparation is an artwork.

The colour

The faith

The street life

The contrast between old and new

The people

The tricycles

The history

The smiles

The gardens

The split pants


The brides in jeans

The dog fashion

I mostly miss the nappers...Chinese people are hardworking and can sleep anywhere... anytime....

In the market...

On a table next to a busy road

On a scooter

In a group

On a comfy handlebar

On a bench, while having ears cleaned by girlfriend in matching shirt

Or...after a hard the back of a tricycle.

 Happy National Day China...I miss you

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  1. Catching up on all your posts now ;-) Enjoying them so much! And what great memories all those photos bring back. Saw a terrific napper today in Chengdu and of course, thought immediately of you, but was prevented from taking a photo because of a truck trying to run me over. Bugger!!