Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Milford on Sea

With a fine weekend forecast our little family decided to make the most of it, so we booked into a puppy friendly B&B and headed for the coast. After a lovely drive through the New Forest we headed for the beach at Milford on Sea. As ocean loving Aussies our little village is about as far from the ocean as you can get so we were all looking forward to breathing in some fresh, salty air.

I feel instantly relaxed when I can see and smell the ocean. It's like coming home, my place of comfort wherever in the world I may be and whatever the weather.

Milford on Sea is a very pretty village with a path that meanders around the seaside with lots of benches to sit back and enjoy the view over the ocean to the Isle of Wight.

There is also access down to the shingle beach to go for a stroll and get your toes wet.

Our pup enjoyed his first trip to the ocean. Had a ball racing up and down, playing fetch and having fun with other dogs on the beach. Thoughts of building sandcastles evaporated on seeing the pebble beach but at least the car wouldn't be filled with sand!

Loved all the colourful beach shacks that lined the waterfront. Many families were out and enjoying time by the sea. These huts are prized and are at the heart of many summer memories for  British families. We saw one for sale for £19 000!!! In Australia we just load up the car, pile out at the beach and stake a claim by laying out our beach towels. At the end of the day it all gets thrown back in the car, along with half a tonne of sand and a seashell or two.

After a nice long walk by the sea, we had a look around the village and ended up at Keyhaven harbour where you catch the ferry to Hurst castle. We will have to come back to this area to check out the castle and the Isle of Wight another time.

Tummies had started rumbling so we went back to the village, found the Smugglers Inn...happy to find it was dog friendly! We thought with the dog we would have to sit outside but no...dogs are fine in the dining room. Love how well accepted dogs are way you could you take your dog into a pub dining room at home!

We had a lovely meal with some mussels to share to start with then everyone enjoyed a variety of mains with the tweenager having a huge serve of fish and chips, my husband had a spectacular chicken pie, I had melt in your mouth lamb shanks and the teenager had a nice chicken pasta dish. No photos as my family didn't want to wait and dug right in...there was nothing left at the end...salt air and exercise makes you hungry!

My cider certainly tasted good after our lovely day by the seaside!

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