Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Thame Food Festival

On Saturday I gathered my little family and headed over to Thame, a lovely market town in Oxfordshire for the 5th annual Thame food festival. The skies were blue, the air was filled with fragrant smells of various produce being cooked at numerous stalls and from the demos happening at the cookery theatre. Crowds filled the picturesque, cobbled streets. A huge variety was on offer, from chilli oils to wine, cheeses and chutneys. Flavours from afar with Indian, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. Seafood from freshly shucked oysters to traditional fish and chips. Cookware, spices and teas alongside cakes and ice cream. There was something for everyone.

As a newcomer to the area and to England, it was great to see the foods and services available. Interesting to see the celebrity chefs in action and the passion they showed for their cooking. After seeing such a wide range of quality goods on offer I now have more adventures to add to my list, visiting farms, gardens and bakeries. Plans on cooking up a storm with all the seasonal, local produce. A few meals to be had at local pubs and restaurants too!

Was a fun day out, very well organised with lots of variety on offer in a charming location. The festival programme was informative, was nice to read about the celebrity chefs and has some great recipes to try. Well done Thame!

The macaroons were light and very tasty

Love the fresh organic produce

Onions from Spring Hill farm

Oysters to be shucked

Slow roasted lamb rolls from Ross and Ross Foods

Were very tasty and moist

The cheese selection was incredible
Lots of different flavours 

Was happy to find some Chinese tea....I somehow forgot to bring some from China!

Floral teas are refreshing

Good to know there is a shop in Thame selling Aussie treats!!!

Entertainment was great and really added to the atmosphere

Samples were generous and oh so delicious!


  1. That lamb dish with the pita bread seems reminiscent of one of your friends meals.....way out EAST. Can I spell Uyghur correctly please? Isn't it funny, lamb and bread, it's everywhere in the world in different variations.

  2. LOL...never thought of that...very similar indeed, except ours was with pesto instead of gravy and cumin!Both very tasty!

  3. That lamb looked AMAZING! I was so surprised when I read the caption that it wasn't a version of rou jia mo haha! Lovely food photos Rob - loving the big format too!