Saturday, 29 December 2012

2012...What a year it's been!

Looking back on 2012, my little family has had a huge is a quick review of our adventures in pictures...

Kangaroo and Emu Coat of Arms

In mid December 2011, we went to Canberra, Australia to celebrate an early Christmas with some family and friends...

South Island

We hopped across the Tasman to spend Christmas with the family in New Zealand...was so good to see them and the city of Christchurch after the tragedies of the earthquakes. We even experienced our own earthquake .... terrifying. Brave and resilient people they breed in Christchurch!


Had a wonderful few weeks, catching up with brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles and cousins...

Lavender and Bee

Soaking up all the beauty, fresh air and nature all around the South Island...

Swan River

We then headed to Perth for the New Year and again, had a lovely time seeing family and friends....

Year of the Dragon

Back to Shanghai for another fantastic Chinese New Year to welcome in the Year of the Dragon! Love the colour, the noise, the celebration!

Black Swans

In February I headed back to Perth on my own to sort some health 'stuff' that couldn't be done in China. Nice to be back enjoying the lifestyle, see the Black swans on the Swan River and to hang out with my friends. Missed my little family though.

Wheat Belt

Enjoyed the fragrant Eucalyptus scented air and the gorgeous Australian bush and blue sky again....


In March, my little family headed over to England to look at schools, locations and houses for our upcoming exciting.... and we arrived as the daffodils bloomed...perfect!

Buckingham Palace

Of course we had to go into London and visit the Queen  in between looking at schools and houses!


In April we remembered our fallen ANZACS at the ANZAC day service in Shanghai. One of the special days of the year for Australians and New Zealanders. Gathering with other Aussies and Kiwis in Shanghai and honouring those who served us makes it even more special, brings everyone together.


Soaked up some memories of the quirky everyday things you see in Shanghai...the washing drying on the streets.....

Robyn's Nappers

The nappers catching a few zzzz's wherever they can....

Big load

The huge loads on the tricycles....


In May we finally went to the top of 'The Bottle Opener', officially known as the World Financial Centre. It's currently the tallest building in Shanghai and fourth tallest in the world. We watched it being built! It will soon be overtaken by another taller building....


In June we said farewell to our life in Shanghai and had many 'good bye' celebrations with our gorgeous Shanghai friends. Friends are like family in a place so far from home and I miss them immensely...

Perth Skyline

We got to go back home to Perth while our UK visa's were processed. So good to have an impromptu visit and see friends and family again. Visas granted within a week instead of we headed to the UK a little earlier than expected...


We arrived at our new home in England just in time for the Olympics to start. Great atmosphere in the UK! Felt patriotic to the Aussie team, Team GB...even the Chinese team!

White Swans

Black Swans of the Swan river were replaced with White Swans on the Thame...

Green tunnel

We discovered lovely local walks....


To walk our new family member, Ralph who we found and adopted in August...

Beach shacks

We have been on wonderful adventures together...down to the beach in September....


All over the countryside....

Bledlow Ridge

Experienced our first real, vibrant autumn in October.... we don't get a real autumn in Western Australia!


In November I went back to Shanghai for a quick visit... had to go back, see some friends, do some things, things I didn't have time to do before I left..... have a little closure. Finally got to see 'The Bund' at sunrise...


December treated us to our first snowfall....the village was beautiful. like it had been sprinkled with icing sugar!

Pulpit Hill

We have discovered the joys of family walks in the woods this Winter. Boxing Day was spent using up some of the excess of Christmas Day and exploring a new walk!

Can't wait to see what the New Year brings for my little family and I wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous year in 2013


  1. What a year, Robyn. So busy. And all over the globe too! Fantastic photos. A great blog! Love MIL xx

  2. Thanks MIL...Happy New Year! Hard to believe we fitted so much in...I left out a few things too! Lets see what 2013 brings!