Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mini Christmas Puddings

My first evening back in the UK after my Shanghai adventure, was my 'Badminton Ladies' Christmas party and I had to take a sweet dish. I had jet lag so made my easy peasy mini puddings. They were a hit and everyone wanted the recipe. I was embarrassed to say how easy they are! Thought you might like the recipe too...great to have some bite sized puddings for visitors who drop in and a great little gift.

You will need a shop bought 750g Christmas Pudding, some Apple Juice, some Brandy or Rum, White chocolate and some green and red lollies (sweets)

Break up the pudding into a bowl...soften with a little juice...or Brandy/Rum if making for adults.

Roll the softened mixture into bite sized balls.....about a dessert spoon full.

Chop the lollies (sweets) into little bits, a few mm square...keep separate and refrigerate...they are easier to handle!

Melt the white chocolate...I put the bowl into a larger bowl of hot water to can microwave too!

Top each pudding with white chocolate...about 1/2 teaspoon to look like custard.

Arrange two bits of green lolly and one bit of red to look like holly on top.

Arrange on plate and you are done! 


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  1. Robyn, in the last week I have been to two Xmas "do's", and at both the mini Xmas puds appeared....and were quickly gone! I was wondering how to make them....your recipe, and photos, is a godsend! Thanks. I know a few people I can make them for....and I shall. When I have done mine, I hope I can say, like Jaimie Oliver would say "easy peasy" MIL xx