Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Shanghai revisited

I have been off the Blogging radar for the last two weeks. I had the opportunity to head back to Shanghai for a quick visit so I grabbed it. A chance to catch up with friends and a few adventures that I wanted to do before we left Shanghai. Some last minute guests, unexpected illness and packing boxes kept me busy in the last month and I needed to head back for a bit of closure. Here are a few photos I took, of some of the things I miss about Shanghai. Full posts to follow once I'm over my jet-lag and have reduced the mountain of washing that my husband, teen and tween created in my absence!

Tricycle Load
The crazy loads and the tricycles that keep Shanghai running!

Wash Day
The washing hung everywhere!

Tricycle Load
The recycling guys

The mix of old and new!

The crazy traffic that somehow works....most of the time!

Plane Trees, Former French Concession
The Plane trees of the Former French Concession

Robyn's Nappers
The Nappers...

Robyn's Nappers
Oh how I miss the nappers!

The birds out for 'fresh' air!

Tricycle Load
The plant shops on wheels!

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  1. Homesick for Shanghai! Will be there in two weeks - can't wait!