Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Taste of Oxford

My girls and I popped over to Oxford for a few hours go to the Chinese supermarket and shop for a Chinese feast. We took some time out and went for a stroll to soak up the atmosphere. Love the cycling culture of Oxford and all the bikes lined up remind me of Shanghai.


Love the history and the buildings of Oxford. The Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford's first classical building and the first large building by Christopher Wren built 1664-1668.

Sheldonian Theatre

Love the literary atmosphere. Grab a book and read, wherever you are. Copies of all the world's books are held in vaults under the streets. You can feel the history seeping through.

On the street

If only the walls could talk, the stories they could tell.


Oxford's version of 'The Bridge of Sighs'...actually a bridge over New College lane linking two parts of Hertford college. It's graceful arch making it's own statement amongst the stunning buildings.

Bridge of Sighs, Oxford stlye, New College lane

The Covered Markets, built in 1774 is home to many stalls. You can buy anything from fresh flowers, souvenirs, stop for a coffee or a meal, visit a greengrocer, butcher or fishmonger. A fabulous cake shop. Cool market with lots of variety and a great atmosphere!


A short stroll from the hustle and bustle you have the added beauty of the canals, complete with long boats. I can't wait to spend more time exploring Oxford and surrounds!

Oxford UK


  1. Looks very beautiful, and quite peaceful. MIL x

  2. Oxford is beautiful...and peaceful, not a car horn in earshot! In fact, I think I have only heard one car horn since I arrived here...and that was mine...and I got stared at!