Monday, 8 April 2013

Shanghai....A morning on the street

I really enjoy my daily walks around our English village with the dog, lots of fields to run in, fresh air to breathe and a whole lot of peace and quiet. Locals now stop to say hello...some even say G'day to make me feel at home. We walk through fields with sheep and cows and it's not unusual for a horse or two to pass by on the street.

It is now nearly ten months since we left Shanghai and I still miss my daily strolls through my local streets, a totally different experience to rural England. The weird and the wonderful, even after four years I still saw something every day that made me smile, most things became 'normal'! Here are some photos I took on a short stroll one morning when I visited Shanghai in December 2012.

Fan Dance, The Bund

Ladies practising fan dances in parks 

Bund Worker

Guy cleaning a gate with a feather you do!

Bund Worker missed a spot!!!

Bund OH&S

Don't have any pedestrian safety problem, just use some fire extinguishers and some coloured bunting!


You don't get held up at road works, no barriers here, you just drive around them!


Need a Sponge Bob, Angry Birds or Hello Kitty balloon at short notice, never fear, nearly every road has someone selling them off a scooter!

Chair seller

In fact, you can buy just about anything you can imagine off a scooter or electric bike!

Dressed Dog

Adidas seems to be the sport wear of choice for the pooches in this neighbourhood.

Dressed Dog

It's nice to be part of the 'in crowd'

Dog Clothes

Though there are many fashionable doggy outfits at the local canine couture boutique.

Going Out Pyjamas

Love the fashion, not to mention to comfort and warmth, of 'going out' Pyjamas.

Going out Pyjamas

Nothing quite like getting your morning shop done, the winter chills kept at bay by your quilted or fleecy PJ's! I admit to owning a pair. I admit to wearing them to take the girls to the school bus on freezing mornings in Shanghai. Maybe I could get away with wearing them on my morning dog walks in my village. If Spring doesn't arrive soon I may just give it a go!


  1. Go with the pyjamas will certainly provoke comment in your village. Do the girls and Rob each have a pair too? have a family outing!!! I just wish I'd bought some when I was there...maybe next trip.
    Your photos are beautiful, and to me, capture so much of the life which is Shanghai. Makes me want more too. MIL xx

  2. Might just go for a walk in my PJ's ...the villagers already think we Aussies are crazy! There is no way known to man that Rob and the girls would wear the Shanghai PJ's much less wear them in public. You must get some when you are there next...Fiona bought me mine! Maybe we could co-ordinate a visit at the same time and soak in some Shanghai street life...and snap more shots! DIL (2) xxx